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  Abstract: As it is known, there exist many distinctions between Chinese and Western marriage customs. This paper is to discover the different customs between Chinese and Western marriage and analyze the reasons for the distinctions.
  Key words: marriage customs; culture; difference; tradition
  1. Introduction
  In almost each culture people have the custom of holding weddings. Marriage customs in different countries and nations contain their own cultural and national features. Marriage customs in China are quite distinct from those in English-speaking countries in the west. This paper aims at the differences between Chinese marriage and Western marriage customs by contrasting their traditional marriage and tries to explore the reasons causing the differences.
  2. The differences between Chinese and western marriage customs
  2.1 the difference in procedures
  China is a vast country with various marriage customs in different areas. But in general Chinese people follow six procedures in traditional marriage, namely, proposing, asking the name, asking for fortune, sending betrothal present to girl’s family, discussing date of marriage and meeting the bride. Compared with Chinese marriage, Western marriage is simpler and there are a few standard customs acknowledged as being traditional: proposal, engagement, choosing the day and holding the wedding.
  2.2 the difference in dressing
  In China, the groom is traditionally dressed in a long gown, red shoes and red silk sash with a red silk ball in the shape of flower on his chest. The bride is also in red with her head covered in red veil. The white wedding gown is the most popular dressing among western people. However, this was a tradition until Queen Victoria (1840) in her long white wedding dress impressed the westerners.
  2.3 the difference in marriage media
  In ancient China, matchmaker was essential because marriage without matchmaker was considered illegal and not accepted by society. In the west, the priest is necessary when holding a marriage. In Christian’s opinions, marriage is not valid unless the ceremony is hosted by priest.
  2.4 the difference in atmosphere of marriage
  In the traditional wedding in China, the drums and firecrackers are essential. The bridal chamber after banquet shows the bustling atmosphere even more. The western wedding is romantic. Usually, the wedding is held in a church with a priest as the host. The bride usually wears a long beautiful white wedding dress, and her face is covered in a white veil. It makes the wedding solemn and serious.   3. A tentative analysis of reasons for the distinctions
  Among all the religions which people seek to worship, Christianity is by far the most influential in the west, which affects every aspect of people’s life. Since marriage was stipulated as law by church, western marriage customs have been in relation with religion.
  3.2 Cultural Origins
  Confucianism is the most influential philosophy in ancient China. Under the influence of it Chinese people are very conservative and old-fashioned. In ancient china “men and women are not allowed to get close to each other” is very popular. So matchmakers become the distinctive culture in ancient China. In addition, etiquette is attached much importance in ancient China. Only when the combination of a man and woman abides by certain etiquette can it be accepted by society. Marriage customs in the west are much simpler than in China. Wedding in ancient Britain was just the celebration within family until 1706 when the Winchester Council stipulated marriage should get the blessing from priests. Wedding ceremony has begun to be held in church since 13th century.
  3.3 Aesthetic standards
  The Chinese wedding’s main color is red, which is the traditional representative color of festivity. Chinese people have worshiped red color since ancient times regarding red as the symbol of happiness and success all the time. White wedding is preferred in the west. Seen with westerners’ eyes, white is the representative of dignity, beauty and purity and is regarded as the symbol of integrity, fairness and purity.
  4. Conclusion
  Each custom in marriage has its own cultural sources. Due to different aesthetics, religions and cultural origins, Chinese marriage customs and western marriage customs vary obviously. In the development of traditional Chinese marriage customs Confucianism is a dominant element. Wedding ceremony is actually the celebration of the production of offspring and therefore the scene of bustle and excitement. The most influential element in western marriage is Christianity. Marriage is vertically the signature of a contract before the God in their eyes and therefore solemn and holy.
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