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Unit8 1’II help clean up the city parks. 第1课时Section A1a Grammar Focus 预习导学 I..预习单词及Grammar Focus。把意思相近的短语连起线来 1.cheer up a.ring up 2.think up b.establish;
start 3.call up c.come up、with 4.set up d.make someone happier Ⅱ.根据旬意及汉语提示。完成句子 5.Id like to help 无家可归的people. 6.You could help 打扫the city parks. 7.You could help stop 饥饿. 8.I’11 give out 广告after school 9.Id like to cheer up 生病的孩子们. 10.We can t 推迟制定a plan 11.We could 张贴signs- 合作研讨 一、重点单词与短语 1.Hunger n.饿;
饥饿 【拓展]hungry adj.be/get hungry饥饿的 【跟踪训练】 1. Thousands of people in Africa are dying from hungry every day 2. homeless adj. 无家可归的 【拓展]home n.adv.家;
go home回家;
get home到家;

在某些单词后加后缀一less,意为“没有的” 例如careless粗心的;
endless无止境的。“the十形容词”构成的短语可以表示一类人,如the homeless无家可归的人。

【跟踪训练】 2.The government built some houses for the home people 3.set up建立;
开办 【拓展】set upestablish start 【跟踪训练】 3. 去年他们在这个村庄建了一所新学校。

They a new school in the village last year. think up 想出来;
得出 【拓展】think upcome up with 【跟踪训练】 4 . 让我们给它想一个设计方案吧。

Let’s try to a design for it 二、重点句型与语法 ■句型 ’ 1.I’d like to cheer up sick kids. 表想让生病的孩子高兴起来。

【精解】cheer up意为“使振奋;
使高兴起来”,“动词副词”型短语,若人称代词作宾语,把人称代词放在 cheer和up中间。

sick/iIl sick生病的,可以作定语,如sick kids。也可以作表语,如Im sick.in只能作表语,如He通i11. 【跟踪训练】 4. 这个男孩看起来很伤心,让我们是他高兴起来。

The boy looks very sad Let’s . 2.We can’t put off making a plan. 我们不能推迟制定计划。

【精解]put off意为“推迟;
拖延”,其后面接名词、代词或动名词作宾语,当代词作宾语时要放在put和off 中间。

【拓展]put up张贴;
举起put down放下;
镇压,平息 put 0ff推迟;
拖延put away收起来 put on穿上;
上映put one’s heart into全神贯注 【跟踪训练】 5. 他们推迟了参观夏威夷。They Hawaii, ■ 语法 动词短语一 1.动词短语的概念 动词短语是指英语中有些动词和其他词类一起连用,构成一个固定短语,可看成一个整体,相当于一个单独的动词, 这种组合称之为动词短语。

2.动词短语的类型及用法 ①“动词介词” 常见的有look at看;
look for寻找;
look after照顾wait for等待;
depend on依靠;
listen to听;
take after与相像;
ask for请求;
agree with同意等。


【跟踪调练】 6. 请听我讲 Please . ②“动词副词” 常见的有put up张贴;
call up打电话;
set up建立;
fix up修理;
clean up打扫;
put on穿上;
turn on打开;
turn off关掉;
put off推迟;
give out分发;
give away捐赠等。这类短语后跟宾语。宾语若为名词,则名词可放于短语后面,也可放在动词与副词中间;
若宾语为人称代词,则只能 放在动词与副词中间。

【跟踪训练】 7. 多漂亮的一幅画让我们把它挂起来。

How nice the picture is Let’ s .. 当堂检测 根据句意及首字母提示填空 1.I am h Please give me something to eat. ★2.The old D-m has no home He’S a h person. 3.If you want to sell your house,put an a in the newspaper 4.She looks unhappy.Let’s c her up. 5.Look at the s It says。No Smoking”. Ⅱ.根据汉语提示。完成句子 6.我们需要想出一个计划。

We need to a plan. ★7.班长正在分发新书。Our monitor is the new books. 8.如果下雨,我们将推迟运动会。We’11 the sports meeting if it rains. 9.我们打算建立一个新银行。We’re going to a new bank 10. 我会帮助把城市的公园打扫干净的。I’ll help the, city parks 课后选择 1.一what volunteer work would you like to do 一I,d like to sick people in the the hospital A. turn up B. stay up C. look up D. cheer up 2. The famous writer introduced us his new book that will next month A. give up B. come out C. put out 3.It is said that the football match may be because of the bad weather. A. put up B..put down C put off D. put away 4.Eton College in England was .in 1440 by King Henry V/to give free education to poor people. A. cleaned up B.set up C fixed up D. cheered up 5.Hi,Jack Would you plebe the picture on the wall A. pick up B. look up C get up D. put upⅡ. Ⅱ.完形填空 Today is Surly.Two girls stand and wait for a bus 6 the bus stop.One is Han Meimei,the other is Ling Ling Now they are going to see a film.They like 7 it very much.“Can you help me an old lady comes up and says to them.She 8 worried.She has a big bag 9 her hand. Of course.What’s the 10 ”they both ask her.She says。“Im coming to see my daughter.But I don’t know her address.” “We shall 11 you to see your daughter.” After they get 12 the bus,they help the old lady to find her daughter.How 13 they are“Please come in and have a good rest.”says her daughter.“No, 14 ”they both say goodbye to them.“、Would you tell me your 15 ,girls”“We are Young Pioneers.’’ 6. A. at B.on C in D _of 7. A see B. seeing C watch D.watching 8. A. look B have C has D-100ks 9. A.on B at C in D over 10. A. matter B wrong C .that D feel

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