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  My father is a hardworking man and he is very kind.I love him very much.Every morning he gets up earlyto makeus breakfast. In the evening, he is alwayscome back home late. At weekends, he oftengoes outwith me and my mother for fun. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I will always remember hiswords.



  My father is a common worker. He works in a very far place. I only stay with him about two months a year. He often has a winter holiday for two or three months, because the place he works is very cold. People can not work in such cold weather. Therefore, winter is the season I like most. I like father staying at home. At weekends, he often takes me out, go to the zoo or fairground. We have many things to do. He works very hard to support my family. He said that he would work at my city soon. It makes very exciting. Finally, we have much more time together.



  My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says heis a kind一hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and somestrangers whom he doesn't know at all. He has really doneothers. I don't like him to do so because I think it has takenhim time. When 1 discourage him, he always says with a smile"The world needs warm hearts.”

  My father loves his family.and loves his work evenbetter. Inthe company. he is called "workaholic". He spends mast of his timeworking.and.he often forgets to have meals or to go to bed.As a result,he dosen't enjoy good health.

  My father likes reading in his spare time. He told me readingwas very interesting. I became interested in reading little by little. Ilike books, because they help me in many ways. My father has a bad habit一he, likes smoking very much. I hateit. Look. the house is full of smoke. I know it's bad for his health aswell as mineand mother's. 1 advise him to give up smoking.i am surehe will follow my advice some day.Such is my father. I love him very much.

  I am proud of having so good a father.






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