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九年级英语全册 Unit 8 1’II help clean up the city parks Section A3a-4导学案(无答案) 语法动词短语二 预习导学 I.预习Section A 3a。用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.These three students all volunteer their time helpother people. 2.Here,she helps young children read. 3.Lin Pei loves animals and plans studyt0 be a veterinarian when he leaves school 4.He spends every Saturday morning workin an animal hospital Ⅱ.预习Section A 3a.回答下列问题 5.What does Li Huiping love to do 6.Does Lin Pei love animals 7.What does Zhu Ming want to be 8.Why does the writer think they are special 9.What do they plan to do 合作研讨 1.Major adj.重大的;
主要的 【拓展】major n.主修课程,major in主修 例如I major in English and math.我主修英语和数学。

【跟踪训练】所以这是一个主要的贡献So it s a . 1. coach u 训练指导 【跟踪训练】2. You could 帮助训练a soccer team 二、重点句型与语法 ■句型Not only do I feel good about helping other people.But I get to spend time doing what I love to do.我不但感觉帮助别人很好,而且我还可以把时间用在我喜欢的事情上。

【精解】①not only...but also可以连接两个主语、谓语、宾语、表语等。当它连接两个主语时,谓语动词应与but also后的主语的人称和数保持一致,即“就近原则”。常见的就近原则的结构有 neither.一nor...既不也不两者都不;

there be有 【跟踪训练】3.Not only you but also ho like animals 【精解】②not 0Illy可以放在句首,表示强调,这时句子要用部分倒装,即将谓语动词的一部分如情态动词、助 动词等放在主语的前面,而but also后的句子用正常语序。

【跟踪谰练】 2. 她不但会说英语,而且会说法语。

She speak English, but also she can speak French. ■语法 动词短语二 ③“动词副词介词,, 常见的这类动词短语有look forward to盼望;
catch up with赶上;
come up to走近;
go on with继续;
run out of用光;
look down upon瞧不起等。


④“动词名词介词” 常见的这类短语有take care of照顾;
pay attention to注意;
take part in参加make use of利用take notice of注意等。


⑤“系动词形容词介词” 常见的这类短语有be similar to与相像;
be strict in/with在方面严格/对”严格;
be familiar with熟悉;
be different from与不同;
be full of装满等。这类短语要跟宾语,宾语放在介词后。

当堂检测 I.根据旬意及首字母提示填空 1.This kind of chair is very S It’g made for disabled people. 2.They have been working for s hours without stopping. 3.Mr Smith is C a basketball team for a middle school. 4.My sister often v to help sick people in a local hospital 5.Look。there is a boat in the C of the lake. Ⅱ.根据句意及汉语提示。完成句子6.He was born in Nanjing,but now Beijing him成了他的家. 7.He put his hobby 充分利用by helping to teach the kids. 8. 我不确定what I should do next. 9.不仅他而且他的父母都曾去过美国。

ne his parents been to America. 10.他花了两个小时给他的阿姨写信。

He two hours his aunt I.单项选择 1.Id love to go to the hospital to visit the hoys. A. sick B ill C sickness D.illness 2. Not only my parents but also my brother football A. like playing B. 1ikes play G like to play D. likes playing 3. He every morning in an animal hospital A takes;
work B.spends;
workingC takes; to work D. spendsto work 4.Id like the sick kids their schoolwork. A. help;
doing B., to helptoC help;
with D. to helpwith Ⅱ.阅读理解 On a cold winter afternoon,l was walking home from a supermarke1 felt a little tired,as I Was carrying my shopping bags.They were so heavy that I decided to stop to have a rest in the park.1 walked towards the gate of the park I no ticed a poor man walking out of the restaurant in front of me, He held a paper bag with his dirty hⅪHe walked to anearby dustbin垃圾箱and started looking.through I suddenly felt sorry.I knew this man would take a11that he could get,so I came up to him and gave Some fruit to him.The man,with wrinkles皱纹on his face,looked up in surp- rise and took what I gave him. A big smile appeared on his face and I felt very pleased Then he said,“Wow First someone gave me this sandwich then this drink,and now some delicious fruit.This is my daughter’S lucky day.Thank you,boy.’’Then he Went away singing a song.Just then。I realized what the saying“Giving is getting”really meant.Everyone in the world needs help,everyone can offer help and everyone will be helped by showing kindness.Giving sometimes doesn’t cost you much,but it means a lot to the people who you help. The man’s happiness at that moment comes into my mind every time I have the chance to help others. 根据短文内容判断正T误F 5.The writer was walking towards the gate of the park with some shopping bags when he met the poor mail 6.On a cold winter afternoon,the poor man stopped to have a rest in the park. 7.The poor man looked through the dustbin for his lost watch. 8.The poor man thanked the writer and ate the fruit himself. 9.From the passage we learn that we should help others because“Giving is getting”. Ⅲ.用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成句子,每空一词 10.Joanna received many when graduating from middle schoolgift 11.Alex is years old and is taken good care of in the kinderga

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