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Distance doesn't bring beauty but explains the fragile love. 距离,产生的不是 美,而是诠释了不堪一击的爱情。

The sign of maturity is not when you start speaking big things, but, actually i t is, when you start understanding small things.成熟的标志不是会说大道理;而 是你开始去理解,身边的小事情。

If you hold back your feelings because you are afraid of getting hurt, you en d up hurting anyway. 若你因为害怕受伤而隐瞒了自己的感觉,那无论如何,你最 终都会受伤。

Be yourself, don't change for anyone. If they don't like you at your worst, th en they don't deserve you at your best. 做你自己, 不要为任何人改变自己。

如果 他们不能接受最糟糕的你,那么他们也不值得拥有最好的你。

Here's no need to rush. If something is meant to be, it will happen, in the ri ght time, with the right person, for the best reason. 没必要着急, 若是注定发生 的事,它一定会发生,在合适的时机,和对的人一起,因一个最恰当的理由。

The worst feeling is pretending you don't care about something, when it's all you seem to think about. . 最糟糕的感觉就是明明就是最想要的东西, 却要装成不 在乎。

Someday I'm going to meet someone, someone who won't leave. 总有一天, 我 会遇见一个人,一个不会离开我的人。

Believe you can, and you will. 相信你能,那你就能 There's always some truth behind I'm kidding; knowledge behind I don't kno w; emotion behind I don't care and pain behind I'm okay. 我们常以开玩笑来 掩饰真相,用我不知道来掩盖自己所知的,以我不在乎来隐藏内心的不安的情绪,以 我很好来隐瞒自己的痛苦。

Love is not the strong vow but the simple accompany.爱情不是轰轰烈烈的誓 言,而是平平淡淡的陪伴。

The sign of maturity is not when you start speaking big things, but, actually i t is, when you start understanding small things.成熟的标志不是会说大道理;而 是你开始去理解,身边的小事情。 ?The best way to be happy is just to let go of everything that's making you sad. ?要让自 己开心,最好的办法就是,放下那些让你不开心的事。

?Sometimes, we're looking for more ,and forget about what we already have. ?有时候,我 们追寻更多的东西,却忘了我们已经拥有的一切。

?It's not about who hurt you and broke you down. It's about who was always there and made you smile again. ?关键不在于是谁伤了你,击垮了你。而在于是谁一直在你身边,并让你 重展笑颜。 ?The moment you started to like me back, I had no interest in you. ?你开始喜欢我的时 候,我就对你一点兴趣都没有了。你是这样子的么? ?Believe it or not. There's somebody out there hoping to meet someone just like you. ?不 管你信不信,有个人正在等待希望能遇到像你这样的人。 It doesn't matter if you are kinda tired when you keep going forward.as long as you Persevere in your efforts and you will surely succeed.——努力的向前 飞,再累也无所谓 .只要坚持梦想,便会成功在望! Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is immutable.记住该记住的,忘记该 忘记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的。

I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, burned, and broken, but it still work s. 我为自己的心感到骄傲。它曾受戏弄,曾经心焦,曾遭破碎,却依然鲜活跳动。

Find what you are afraid of, face it, and then you won't be afraid of it anym ore. 弄明白自己在怕些什么,然后勇敢面对。再然后,你就不会再怕了。

I cant promise you a perfect relationship without arguments and differences. However I can promise you as long as you're trying, I'm staying——我无法保 证给你一段完美的感情,没有争吵,没有分歧。但我能保证只要你坚持,我定会不离 不弃


16 天记住 7000 考研词汇(第一天) 1.With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear bomb. 我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动。

2. Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the rear. 明年,长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽. 3. Early I searched through the earth for earth ware so as to research in earthquake. 早先我在泥土中搜寻陶器以研究地震. 4. I learn that learned earnest men earn much by learning. 我得知有学问而认真的人靠学问挣很多钱. 5. She swears to wear the pearls that appear to be pears. 她发誓要戴那些看起来像梨子的珍珠。

6. I nearly fear to tear the tearful girl's test paper. 我几乎害怕撕那个泪流满面的女孩的试卷. 7. The bold folk fold up the gold and hold it in hand. 大胆的人们将黄金折叠起来拿在手里。

8. The customers are accustomed to the disgusting custom. 顾客们习惯了令人讨厌的风俗. 9. The dust in the industrial zone frustrated the industrious man. 工业区里的灰尘使勤勉的人灰心. 10. The just budget judge just justifies the adjustment of justice. 公正的预算法官只不过为司法调整辩护而已。

11. I used to abuse the unusual usage, but now I'm not used to doing so. 我过去常滥用这个不寻常的用法,但我现在不习惯这样做。

12. The lace placed in the palace is replaced first, and displaced later. 放在皇宫的带子先被替换,后来被转移。

13. I paced in the peaceful spacecraft. 我在宁静的宇宙飞船里踱步. 14. Sir, your bird stirred my girlfriend's birthday party. 先生,你的鸟搅了我女友的生日聚会。

15. The waterproof material is suitable for the aerial used near the waterfall. 这种耐水材料适合用在瀑布附近的天线. 16. I hint that the faint saint painted the printer with a pint of paint. 我暗示说虚弱的圣徒用了一品脱油漆涂印刷机. 17. At any rate, the separation ratio is accurate. 无论如何,这个分离比是精确的. 18. The boundary around the round ground separates us from the surroundings. 围绕着圆形场地的边界将我们同四周隔开. 19. The blunder made the underground instrument undergo an undermining of the thunderbolt. 这个失策让地下仪器经受了一次雷电的破坏。

20. The tilted salt filters halt alternately for altering. 倾斜的盐过滤器交替地停下以便改造. 21. The wandering band abandoned her bandaged husband on Swan Island. 流浪的乐队把她那位打着绷带的丈夫遗弃在天鹅岛上. 22. The manly Roman woman manager by the banner had man's manner. 军旗旁那位有男子气概的古罗马女经理具有男子风度. 23. In the lane the planer saw a planet airplane under the crane. 在巷道里,刨工看见了起重机下的行星飞机. 24. The wet pet in the net hasn't got on the jet plane yet. 网中的湿宠物还没有登上喷气飞机. 25. After maintenance the main remains and remainders are left on the domain. 维修之后,主要遗骸和剩余物留在了领地上. 26. The grandson branded the brandy randomly. 孙子给白兰地随机地打上烙印。

27. The landlord's land on the highland of the mainland expanded a lot. 地主在大陆高原上的土地扩张了很多. 28. Utilize the fertilizer to keep the land fertile. 利用化肥保持土地肥沃. 29. The grand commander demands thousands of sandy sandwiches. 大司令官要成千个沙色三明治。

30. I infer that he is indifferent to differentiating the offers in different conferences. 我推断他对区分不同会谈中的报价漠不关心. 31. The maximum plus or minus the minimum makes minute difference. 最大值加上或者减去最小值只产生极小的差异. 32. The witty witness withdraws his words within minutes without any reason. 诙谐的证人在几分钟之内无故地收回了他说的话. 33. The cake maker shakes a naked snake with the quaking rake without sake. 蛋糕制造者无缘无故地用抖动的耙子摇一条赤裸的蛇. 34. By the crook, the cook looked through a cookbook before making hooked cookies. 在溪边,厨子在做钩形饼干之前查阅了一本食谱。

35. The writer writes the white book quite quietly in quilt. 作家在被子里十分平静地写白皮书。

36. On the chilly hillside, he is unwilling to write his will on the ten-shilling bill. 在寒冷的山坡上,他不愿意将遗嘱写在十先令的账单上. 37. The weaver will leave for the heavy heaven. 那位纺织工将要到阴沉的天国里去. 38. The handy left-hander left a handsome handkerchief on the handle of the handbag. 手巧的左撇子把一方漂亮手帕留在手提包的提手上。

39. The thief chief achieved the theft of a handkerchief for mischief. 贼首领完成了偷手帕的恶作剧. 40. I believe my brief words will relieve her grief. 我相信我简短的话会减轻她的悲痛. 41. At the dock I'm shocked to see the pocket rocket made of a block of rock. 在码头看到一块岩石做的小巧火箭,我感到震惊. 42. Standing under the outstanding rock I misunderstood his standard standpoint. 站在突出的岩石下,我误解了他的标准立场。

43. The substantial part of the constitution about the institution of institutes is substituted. 宪法中有关设立协会的实质性部分被替换. 44. Spell smell! Very well, the well-being for human being will swell. 拼写气味(一词)!很好,人类的福利将会膨胀. 45. Once none of you is here, the man in throne will live alone in the lonely zone. 一旦你们没有人在此,王位上的人就要孤独地生活在这个孤寂的地带。

46. Nowadays the once unknown snowy hill is well-known for snowstorm. 如今那座曾经不出名的多雪小山因暴风雪而出名. 47. For instance, I can instantly know the constant distance. 例如,我可以即刻知道该恒定距离。

48. The man beyond the bond is fond of the second wonderful diamond. 那位不受约束的人喜欢第二颗奇异的钻石。

49. While sinking into thinking, the shrinking linkman drank the pink ink sprinkled on the wrinkly paper. 陷入沉思时,退缩的联络员喝掉了洒在皱纹纸上的粉红色墨水。

50. The contribution distributor thinks the microcomputer pollution is absolutely beyond dispute. 捐款分配者认为微机污染是绝对不容置疑的. 本帖地址

http://bbs.kaoyan.com/thread-1438079-1-1.html 转载请注明本帖地 址。 ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研词汇的文本(第二天) 51. He repeatedly repeats, "Eat meat." 他再三重复说:"吃肉." 52. Having canceled X-ray scan, the cancerous candidate on the canvas ate the idle candles in the candy can. 取消 X 线扫描后,帆布上的癌症候选人吃了糖果罐里的闲置蜡烛。

53. The dominant candidate is nominally nominated for president. 占优势的候选人名义上被任命为总统. 54. The extravagant savage made the interior and exterior criteria of deterioration. 奢侈的野蛮人制定了腐败的内外标准. 55. No, nobody's body is noble, nor is his. 不,没有任何人的躯体是高贵的,他的也不是. 56. Axe the tax on taxis. Wax may relax the body. 削减出租车的税费。蜂蜡可以使身体放松. 57. The man in mask asked me for a task; I let him put the basket on the desk in the dusk. 戴面具的人向我要任务,我让他在黄昏时把篮子放到桌子上. 58. The lump jumped off the pump and bumped on the trumpet in the dump. 傻大个跳下水泵撞到垃圾堆里的喇叭上。

59. On my request the conqueror questioned the man who jumped the queue. 根据我的请求,征服者质问了插队者. 60. They are arguing about the document of the monumental instrument. 他们在辩论关于那件不朽乐器的文献. 61. However, Lever never fevers; nevertheless, he is clever forever. 无论如何,杠杆从未发烧;尽管如此,他始终机灵。

62. I never mind your unkind reminding that my grindstone hinders your cylinder. 我决不介意你不友善的提醒说我的磨刀石妨碍了你的汽缸。

63. I feed the food to the bleeding man in the flood. 我把食品喂给洪水中的那个流血的人. 64. It's a treason terror of the seasonal oversea seafood is reasonable. 认为季节性的海外海鲜的价格是合理的就是背叛。

65. The veteran in velvet found that the diameter of the thermometer was one metre. 穿天鹅绒的老兵发现温度计的直径为一米. 66. The cube in the tubular cup occupies one cubic meter. 筒状杯中的立方体占有一个立方米(的体积). 67. Put the spotless potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco atoms into the hot pot. 把无斑点的土豆、番茄和烟草微粒放进热锅里。

68. The preacher preached to the teacher's teacup. 传教士对着老师的茶杯说教. 69. "My behavior is on behalf of half zebras," the algebra teacher said. "我的行为代表了一半斑马的利益,"代数老师说. 70. Unlike my uncle, I likely like that bike (bicycle). 我不像叔叔,我很可能喜欢那辆自行车. 71. She likes nothing but things of clothing and cloth. 除了衣物和布料之类的东西外,她什么也不喜欢. 72. The doctor's doctrine undid one dollar and a dozen of collars. 博士的学说毁掉了一美元和一打衣领。

73. On the bus the busy businessman did a business with the buyer. 在公共汽车上,忙碌的商人与买主做了一笔生意. 74. Vegetables and tablets on the stably established table show no instability. 放在稳定设置的桌子上的蔬菜和药片没有显示不稳定性。

75. Primarily, the prime criminal's crime has nothing to do with lime and overtime. 首犯的犯罪基本上与石灰和加班无关. 76. The ring on the spring string rings during springtime. 弹簧弦上的环在春天鸣响。

77. Shut in the hut, I'm puzzled how to cut down the output of nuts. 关在茅棚里,我为削减坚果的产量犯难。

78. It's better to put letters at the inlet and outlet. 最好在进口和出口处标上字母. 79. During this serious period, the superierrorries of questions about the supermarket. 在这段严肃时间内,上级问了下级一连串有关超级市场的问题。

80. I tuned the tone of the stone phone with a bone. 我用骨头调整了石质耳机的音调. 81. On Revenue avenue, the grave traveler jumped the gravestone bravely. 在税收大道上,严肃的旅行者勇敢地跳过墓碑. 82. The slave safely saved the sharp shavers in a cave nearby the cafeteria. 奴隶将锋利的剃刀安全地保存在自助餐厅附近的洞穴里. 83. Most hosts are hostile to the foremost ghost hostage almost to the utmost. 大多数主人对最前面的幽灵人质的敌对态度几乎到了极顶. 84. The mapper trapped in the gap tapped the tap wrapper with strap. 陷在缝中的制图者用皮带轻击塞子套. 85. The scout with shoulder-straps shouted on the outermost route as a routine. 戴肩章的侦察员照例在最外围的路线上叫喊. 86. The reproached coach unloaded the loaves to the approachable roadside. 遭到责备的教练把面包卸到可接近的路旁. 87. The news about the broadened breadth is broadcast abroad. 宽度加宽的消息被广播到国外. 88. The motive of the emotional movie is to move the removed men. 那部情感电影的动机在于感动被开除的人。

89. Otherwise, mother will go to another movie together with brother. 3. 不然,妈妈就和弟弟一起去看另一场电影。

90. Furthermore, we gathered leather and feather for the future colder weather. 而且,我们收集了皮革和羽毛以应付将来更冷的天气。

91. Before the premier, the old soldier scolds the cold weather. 老兵当着首相的面咒骂寒冷的天气。

92. Whether the weather is good or bad, neither father nor I am going to the gathering. 无论天气是好是坏,父亲和我都不去参加那个聚会。

93. The Particle party's partner participated in the particular Parliament. 粒子党的合伙人参与了特别议会. 94. For convenience of intensive study, he has an intense intention of making friend with me. 为便于强化学习,他有和我交朋友的强烈意向。

95. The virtueless girl's duty is to wash the dirty shirts and skirts in the outskirts. 无美德女孩的职责就是在郊区洗脏衬衣和裙子. 96. I glimpsed the dancer balancing herself on the ambulance by chance. 我碰巧瞥见舞蹈者在救护车上使自己保持平衡。

97. Balloon, baseball, basketball, football and volleyball all dance ballet on the volcano. 气球、棒球、篮球、足球和排球都在火山上跳芭蕾舞。

98. A gallon of gasoline and the nylon overalls fall into the valley. 一加仑汽油和尼龙工作裤落进了山谷。

99. Palm calmly recalled the so-called caller. "手掌"平静地回忆了那个所谓的拜访者. 100. In the hall, the shallow challenger shall be allowed to swallow the swallows. 在大厅里,肤浅的挑战者将被允许吞下燕子. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研词汇(第三天) 101. The tall man installed a small wallet on the wall. 高个男子把一小钱包安放到墙上. 102. Except dishonest ones, anyone who is honest can get honey, everyone thinks so. 除了不诚实的人外,任何诚实的人都能得到蜂蜜,人人都这么想。

103. The exhausted man and the trustful guy thrust a knife into the rusty crust. 精疲力竭的男子和深信不疑的家伙将一把刀子刺向生锈的外壳。

104. I finally find that the financial findings are binding. 我终于发现财经调查结果具有约束力。

105. At the windy window, the widow finds a blind snake winding. 在当风的窗口,寡妇发现有条瞎眼蛇在游动。

106. I refuse to accuse Fuse of diffusing confusion. 我拒绝控告导火索散播混乱。

107. He had an amusing excuse for executing the executive. 对于处决决策人,他有一个可笑的理由. 108. At the dawn on the lawn the yawning drowned man began to frown. 拂晓时在草坪上,打呵欠的溺水者开始皱眉头. 109. Mr. Brown owns the brown towels in the downtown tower. 布朗先生拥有闹市区塔里的棕色毛巾。

110. Lots of pilots plot to dot the rotten robot. 大批领航员策划给腐烂的机器人打点. 111. In the hot hotel the devoted voter did not notice the noticeable notebook. 在炎热的旅馆里,热心的投票者没有注意到显而易见的笔记本。

112. The notorious man's noted notation denotes a notable secret. 那个臭名昭著的男子的著名符号代表一个值得关注的秘密. 113. Yes, yesterday was the my pay-day; I pay you the payment today. 是的,昨天是我的发薪日,我今天付给你报酬. 114. Lay a layer of clay on the displayed layout before the relay race. 接力赛之前在展示的陈设上铺一层黏土. 115. "The gay mayor maybe lay in the hay by the Baby bay," he says in dismay. 他沮丧地说:"快活的市长大概躺在婴儿湾边上的干草中。" 116. The delayed player delegation stay on the playground. 被耽搁的运动员代表团停留在操场上。

117. The X-rayed prayer preyed a gray tray. 照过 X 光的祈祷者捕获了一个灰色盘子。

118. Anyway, the prayer swayed by me always goes away by subway. 不管怎样,受我支配的祈祷者总是从地铁走向远方。

119. The chocolates on the plate stimulated my son to calculate. 盘子里的巧克力鼓励了儿子进行计算. 120. One of my relatives, a late translator, translated a book relating to public relations. 我的一位亲戚,一个已故翻译,翻译了一本有关公共关系的书。

121. He relates that he is isolated from his relatives. 他叙述说他与亲戚们隔离开了. 122. The educator located the local location allocated to him. 教育家定出了分配给他的局部的位置. 123. Comply with the compatible rule of complement when using compliments. 使用问候语时遵守补语的相容规则. 124. The complicated indicator is dedicated to the delicate delicious machine. 这个复杂的指示器被奉献给精密而美妙的机器. 125. Likewise, my bike gave a striking strike to the two men alike. 同样,我的自行车给那两个相象的人惊人的打击. 126. The smoke choked the joking stroker at one stroke. 烟一下呛住了开玩笑的抚摩者. 127. Somewhere somebody sometimes does something good. 在某处某人有时做某些好事。

128. Wherever I go, nowhere I like; I dislike everywhere. 无论我到哪里,没有哪里为我喜欢,我讨厌每一个地方. 129. Therefore, the atmosphere is merely a sphere. 因此大气层只不过是一个球体。

130. The funny cunning runner uses his gum gun before sunrise or after sunset. 滑稽乖巧的赛跑者在日出之前或日落之后使用胶皮枪。

131. The applause paused because of the cause caused by a cautious plausible clause. 掌声停了是因为一条谨慎的似乎有理的条款引起的原因。

132. The county councilor encountered the accountant at the counter of a countryside shop. 县委委员在一乡村商店的柜台边碰到了会计师。

133. I mounted the mountain and found a fountain with large amount of water. 我登上那座山发现一个水量很大的喷泉。

134. Step by step, the sleepy creeper crawled into my sleeve to sleep. 昏昏欲睡的爬虫一步一步爬进我的袖子里睡觉. 135. After a deep sleep, the weeping sweeper keeps on peeping the sheep on the steep. 酣睡之后,哭泣的清扫者继续窥视峭壁上的羊。

136. The vice-adviser advised the reviser to devise a device for getting rid of vice. 代理顾问建议校订者想出一个根除恶习的计策. 137. The wise man used his wisdom in the vertical advertisement device. 聪明人把智慧用在垂直的 广告装置上。

138. With rhythm, the arithmetic teacher put the artist's artificial articles on the vehicle. 算术老师把艺术家的人造物品有节奏地放到运载工具里. 139. The smart star starts to make cart chart for the commencement. 精明的明星开始制作授学位典礼用的马车图表。

140. The lady is glad to give the salad to the sad lad on the ladder. 女士乐意把色拉送给梯子上的那位悲哀的小伙子. 141. You mad madam, my dad doesn't like the bad badminton pad. 你这个疯太太,我爸爸不喜欢这种坏羽毛球垫. 142. The one-legged beggar begins to beg eggs illegally. 独腿乞丐开始非法讨蛋。

143. The promoter promptly made a quotation for the remote control motors. 发起人立刻制了一份遥控马达的报价单。

144. Each pea and peach on the beach can be reached by the peacock. 海滩上的每一颗豌豆和桃子孔雀都能触及. 145. Although the plan was thorough, it was not carried through. 尽管计划很周详,但是没有得到贯彻。

146. Thoughtful men ought not to be thoughtless about the drought. 体贴的人不应该对干旱考虑不周。

147. “Rough cough is tough enough,” Bough said while touching the torch. “剧烈咳嗽是够难以对付的,”大树枝在触摸手电筒时说道. 148. The football team stopped the steam stream with beams. 足球队用横杆堵住了蒸汽流. 149. "Ice-cream!" he screamed in dream. "冰淇淋!"他在梦中惊叫道. 150. For example, this simple sample similar to his can be exemplified. 例如,这件与他的相似的简单样品可以作为例证。 ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第四天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第四天) 151. The spy is shy of taking shelter on the shelf of the shell-like shed. 间谍怕在壳子一样的棚里的架子上栖身。

152. The optional helicopter is adopted to help the optimistic helpless in the hell. 可选用的直升飞机被用来帮助地狱里那些乐观的无助者. 153. The cell seller seldom sees the bell belt melt. 小单间的卖主很少见到铃铛带子融化。

154. The costly post was postponed because of the frost. 那件昂贵的邮件由于霜的缘故而延搁。

155. Srain brain on the train is restrained. 在列车上过度用脑受到约束. 156. The gained grain drained away with the rain, all the pains were in vain again. 收获的谷物随雨水流失了,所有辛劳又白费. 157. Cousin saw a group of couples in cloaks soak their souls in the soapy soup. 表哥看见一群穿着斗篷的夫妇在肥皂汤里浸泡灵魂. 158. The wounded founder bought a pound of compound. 受伤的奠基人买了一磅化合物. 159. It's easy and feasible to control the disease after cease-fire. 停火之后控制这种病很容易也可行。

160. After a decrease, the price of the grease increases increasingly. 下跌过一次之后,润滑脂的价格日益上涨。

161. Please release that pleasant peasant teaser who brings us plenty of pleasure. 请释放那个带给我们巨大快乐的友好的农民逗趣者。

162. In the canal, the Canadian analyzed the bananas. 在运河里,那个加拿大人化验了香蕉. 163. I pointed out the joint on the coin at the disappointing appointment. 在令人失望的约会上,我指出了硬币上的接头. 164. His parents apparently stare at the transparent cigarettes. 他父母显然凝视着透明香烟. 165. The careful man is scarcely scared by the scarce parcel. 细心男子勉强被罕见的包裹吓了一下. 166. I'm rarely aware that the square area is bare. 我很少觉察到那个正方形区域是光秃秃的. 167. “Beware the software in the warhouse during the warfare,” hare said glaring at me. 兔子怒视着我说:“战争期间当心仓库里的软件。” 168. I daren't declare that the shares are my spare fare and welfare on the farewell party. 在告别会上,我不敢宣称这些股票是我的备用车费和福利。

169. The external and internal interference interrupts my interpretation at short intervals. 内部和外部干涉以很短的间隔打扰我翻译. 170. The form of the former formula is formally formulated. 前一个分子式的形式得到正式表述. 171. The performer reformed the performance of the transferred transformer. 表演者改良了转让的变压器的性能. 172. Normally, enormous deformation is abnormal. 通常,巨大的变形是不正常的。

173. The bookworm in uniform is informed of the storm. 穿制服的书呆子得到暴风雨的消息。

174. The story about the six-storeyed dormitory tells a glorious history. 关于六层楼宿舍的故事讲述一段光荣历史。

175. The perfume consumer presumably assumes that the volume is resumed. 香水消费者假定地设想音量已恢复. 176. The voluntary revolutionaries revolted like the outbreak of volcano. 志愿革命者们象火山爆发一样起义了. 177. It's resolved by resolution that the solution will be used to solve the involved problem. 决议决定用这个办法解决那个复杂的问题。

178. The generous general's genuine genius is in making generators. 那位慷慨将军的真正天才在于制造发电机. 179. Several severe federal generals drank the mineral water on the miner's funeral. 好几个严厉的联邦将军在矿工的葬礼上喝了矿泉水。

180. The lean man leans on the clean bean plant to read a leaf leaflet. 瘦人斜靠在干净的豆科植物上读叶片传单. 181. I mean he used mean means in the meantime on the ocean. 我的意思是其间在海洋上他用了卑鄙手法. 182. The honorable journalist spent an hour on the journey of tour. 可敬的新闻记者在观光旅程上花了一个小时. 183. The sour vapour pours into the flourishing flour factory. It's the source of resources. 酸蒸汽涌进兴旺的面粉厂.这是资源的源泉. 184. Of course the man's courage encouraged the discouraged tourists in the courtyard. 自然那个勇敢男子的勇气鼓舞了院子里泄气的游客们。

185. The zealous dealer has an ideal idea of dealing with the meal. 热心的商人有一个处理膳食的理想主意. 186. He conceals the fact that he is jealous of my seal and wants to steal it. 他隐瞒了他嫉妒我的印章并想偷的事实. 187. I really realized that a realm came into reality. 我真地认识到一个王国已变成现实. 188. The healer reveals an appealing fact that health is great wealth to the commonwealth. 医治者揭示一个吸引人的事实:健康是联邦的巨大财富。

189. The absent-minded student consents to the sentence in the presence of me. 心不在焉的学生在我面前同意这份判决. 190. Presently the present is presented to the representative. 现在这份礼物已呈现在代表面前。

191. Not for a moment has the comment on commercial phenomenon been mentioned. 那个关于商业现象的评论从未被提及过。

192. The mental patient thinks the cement is the elementary element of the ornament. 精神病人认为水泥是装饰品的基本成分. 193. As an exception I accept all his concepts and conceptions except one. 作为例外,我接受他所有的概念和构想,只有一个除外。

194. I perceived that the veil clung on the ceiling of the clinic was deceit. 我觉察到粘附在诊所天花板上的幔子是个骗局. 195. The receptionist received a receipt from the receiver. 接待员收到一份来自接收者的收据。

196. The reaper leaped over a heap of cheap weapons. 收割者跃过一堆廉价的武器。

197. The newly imprisoned prisoners poisoned poisonous moisture are hoisted out from the prison. 中了有毒湿气毒的新近关押的囚犯被从监狱吊出. 198. The gross grocer crossed his legs before the boss. 粗鄙的杂货商在老板面前叉起腿子. 199. The lost Bible is possibly the biggest loss of my possessions. 丢失的圣经可能是我最大的财产损失。

200. A dose of poison made the noisy man's nose rosy. 一剂毒药使得吵闹的男子的鼻子变成玫瑰色. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第五天) 201. The loser closely enclosed himself in the closet. 那个失败者把自己严密地封闭在小室内。

202. The composer was proposed to decompose his composition into compon ents. 作曲家被建议将著作分解成单元。? 203. Suppose you were exposed in the opposite position by your opponent, .. . 假设你被对手暴露在相反的位置,。。。

204. The depositor positively positioned the preposition in that position on purpose. 储户有意确信地介词放置在那个位置。? 205. In church the nurse cursed the people pursuing the purple purse. 在教堂里,护士诅咒了追求紫色钱包的 人们。? 206. The faculty for agricultural culture isn't difficult to cultivate. 农业栽培能力不难培养。

207. The reservoir in the reserved preserve is an obstacle to the obstinate observer. 预留保护区内的水库对固执的观察者是一个障碍。

208. The desert deserves the nervous servants to observe. 那个沙漠值得神经紧张的公务员们去观察。

209. The bulk of the ruby rubbish on the pebble bubbles when stirred by bulbed rubber club. 小卵石上的大部分红宝石废料在用有球状突起的橡胶短棍搅动是会起泡。

210. The adjective injected new meaning into the objected objective object. 这个形容词给受到反对的客观物体注入了新的意义。

211. The projector is subject to rejection and may be ejected from the project. 投影机有遭到否决的倾向并可能被逐出工程。

? 212. A day goes through daybreak, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and midnight. 一天经过坲晓,上午,正文,下午,傍晚和午夜。? 213. His affection for the defects is affected by the infectious perfect effect. 他对缺点的钟爱受到具有感染力的完美效果的影响。? 214. The critic's criticism is critical to the crisis. ???评论家的批评对这场危机至关重要。? 215. The director's indirect direction led to the incorrect erection of the rectifier. 指导者间接的指导导致整流器的错误安装。

216. The prospective inspector prospected his prospect with his own perspective. ? 未来的检查员用自己的观点勘察的他的前景。

217. Two suspicious aspects are suspected respectively. 两个可疑的方面分别受到怀疑。 218. This section about insects is written by a respectable specialist. 关于昆虫的这一节是由一位可敬的专家撰写的。

219. I assure the injured jury that a sure insurance is ensured. 我让受伤的陪审团确信一笔有把握的保险得到的确保。

220. My durable endurance made me endure the injury during insurance. 我持久的忍耐力使我忍受了保险期间的伤害。? 221. I can't endure the leisured man's measures for the treasures in the treasury. . 我不能容忍那个悠闲男子对金库财宝采取的措施。

222. In the exchange the oranges are arranged into strange ranges. 在交易所里橙子被排成奇怪的行。

223. The ashtray, splashed with ash, crashed with a clash in a flash while being washed. 那个溅有灰尘的烟灰盘在清洗时咣当一声一下子摔碎了。

224. He dashed to smash the fashionable ashtray with cash. 他猛冲过去用现金砸那个过时的烟灰盘。

225. I feel a bit of bitterness for his ambitious exhibition. 我为他雄心勃勃的展览感到一点点触痛。

226. On the orbit, the rabbits habitually inherited the merits of the inhabitants. ? 在轨道上,兔子习惯性地继承了居民们的优点。

227. Her rejoicing voice is void of something avoidable. 她那令人高兴的声音缺少某种可避免的东西。

228. I prefer the preferable preference you referred to in the reference books. ? 我更喜欢你在参考书中提到的那个更可取的优先权。

229. The specialist specifically specified a special pacific means especially. 专家特地明确指定了一种和解的特殊方法。

230. The speculator specifically specified the specification of this species specimen. 投机者特地指定了这种物种标本的规范。

231 I'm to be punished for publishing his bad reputation to the public of the republic. 我因将他的坏名声公布给共和国的公众将受到惩罚。

232. The drug trafficker is concerned about the condition of the traditional concert. 毒品贩子担心传统音乐会的状况。

233. It's a fable that the cable enables the disabled man to be able to walk. 电缆使得残疾人能够行走是天方夜谭。

234. The problem is that those who are out of jobs probably rob. 问题是那些失业者们可能行劫。? 235. His wicked trick is to get the kids to kick bricks and lick the cricket ticket. 他的缺德恶作剧是让孩子们踢砖和添板球门。? 236. The thin sick chicken picks the thick sticky stick quickly. 瘦病鸡快速地啄粘乎乎的粗棍。

237. The animals unanimously vanished from the mammal's room furnished with Spanish furniture. 动物一齐从配备有西班牙家具的哺乳动物的房间消失。? 238. The loosened goose chooses the cheese to eat. 被解开的鹅挑选奶酪吃。

239. By policy, the police impolitely sliced the politician's politics books. ? 根据政策,警方不客气的把政客的政治书籍切成了薄片。

240. At the neck of the wrecked deck, the reckoner checked the opaque che que. ? ?在遭破坏的甲板的颈部,计算者检查了这张不透明支票。

241. The scholar foolishly took the school cooling pool for swimming pool. 学者愚蠢的把学校的冷却池当成游泳池。

242. Having played golf, the wolf in wool rested on the tool stool in the zoo. 打过高尔夫球之后,穿羊毛衣的狼歇在动物园里的工具登上。

243. Citizens in the city's civil buildings are all civilized. 城市名用建筑内的市民全都得到教化。

244. The pious man is dubious about the vicious civilian's vivid description of his vicinity to his wife. ?? 虔诚的男子对邪恶的平民生动的描述他与其妻子的密切(关系)半信半疑。

245. The corps' corn in the corner is scorned by the stubborn corporation. 军团种在角落里的玉米遭到顽固公司的蔑视。

246. The attorney's horn lies horizontally in the thorns. ??代理律师的号角水平地躺在荆棘中。

247. I seem to deem his foreseeing of that the man will seek seeds in the weed. . 我似乎相信他的预见,他预见那个人将在杂草中寻找种子。

248. The agreement disagrees in the degree of agreeable freedom. 协议在使人愉快的自由程度上存在分歧。

249. In the freezing breeze, the breeder greedily squeezed oil from the seeds . 在冰冷的微风中,饲养员贪婪地从种子中榨油。

250. We need reed needles to speed the deed indeed. 我们确实需要一些芦苇针来加快行动。

※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第六天) 251. The accessory successor never made concessions to difficulties, so he succeeded in accessing successive successes. 附属继承人从未向困难妥协,因此在走向连续的成功之路上成功了. 252. I exceed the excellent student who has excessive excellence. 我胜过那个有过多优点的优秀学生. 253. During the procession, the microprocessor finished the processing procedure. 在队伍行进时,微处理器完成了加工过程. 254. The chess professor confessed his professional blessing in the confession. 象棋教授在供状中承认了其职业福气. 255. The progressive congressman dressed in black stressed his distress. 穿着黑色衣服的进步国会议员强调了他的不幸. 256. The man depressed by the pressure from the press expressed the impression on him. 那个受到来自新闻界压力压抑的人表达了他的印象. 257. Initially I kept silent to the essential essay. 起初我对这个重要的短评保持沉默。

258. The enforced law reinforced that forced divorce is forbidden. 实施的法律强化了禁止强迫离婚. 259. In the cork workshop, the workers fork the pork. 在软木车间,工人们用叉子叉猪肉. 260. That person personally persuaded the personnel with persuasive words. 那个人用有说服力的话亲自说服了人事部门。

261. The dull bull fully fulfilled pulling the bulletproof bulletin board. 迟钝的公牛充分履行了拖防弹公告牌(的职责)。

262. The lucky duck tucked in truck suddenly sucked the gas from the bucket. 塞在卡车里的幸运鸭子突然从桶里吸汽油. 263. Boil the oil soiled by the coil in the toilet lest it spoil. 把被盥洗室里的线圈弄脏的油煮开,免得它变质. 264. The selfish man put himself on the shelf. 那个自私的人把自己束之高阁。

265. In this climate, the climber climbed up the cliff with his stiff limbs. 在这种气候下,攀登者用僵硬的四肢爬上悬崖. 266. The puffy staff's stuffy chests are stuffed with sufficient suffering. 喘气的职员们闷热的胸中填满了足够的痛苦. 267. The member of good memory remembers to commemorate his friend with memorials. 那位记性好的成员记得用纪念品纪念他的朋友。

268. The room is lumbered with numerous cucumbers. 房间里乱堆着大量黄瓜。

269. The poet's toes get out of his shoes. Here heroes are zeros. 诗人的脚趾露出了鞋子。在这里英雄无足轻重。

270. In the library, arbitrary the librarian wrote the auxiliary diary about military literature. 在图书馆,武断的图书管理员写下了有关军事文学的辅助日记。

271. The royal destroyer employs lots of loyal employees. 皇家驱逐舰雇佣了很多忠心的雇员. 272. On the voyage, the enjoyable toy brought me joy and annoyance. 在航行中,使人愉快的玩具给我带来快乐和烦恼. 273. Her boyfriend fed a box of oxygen and hydrogen to the ox and fox. 她男朋友给牛和狐狸喂了一盒子氧和氢. 274. The instructor struggled to say, "The structure of the construction led to the destruction." 教师挣扎着说:"建筑物的构造导致这场毁灭." 275. I debated that the debtor was doubtless in double troubles. 我争论说债务人很可能处在双重困境中。

276. With a dim triumph, she trims the swimming-suit rim at the swimming-pool brim. 她带着暗淡的喜悦在泳池边整理泳装的边缘. 277. Twice the twin king wins the winter swinging under the wing of the plane. 孪生国王两次赢得冬季机翼下的荡秋千赛。

278. Having piled miles of files, the compiler smiled a while at the profile. 堆了几英里长的文件之后,编辑对着侧面笑了一会. 279. By the spoon you'll soon see the smooth tooth of the moon above the booth. 借助勺子你可以立刻看到电话亭上方月亮的光滑牙齿. 280. She met me in the Fleet Street and greeted me with a sweet smile. 她在舰队街上遇见我,并对我致以甜甜的一笑. 281. The conductor is reluctant to reduce the conductivity of the semiconductor. 导演不情愿降低半导体的导电率. 282. The producer introduced a productive technological product into production. 制造者把一项多产的技术成果引进到生产中. 283. The anxious man is unconscious of my anxiety. 那个不安的人没有觉察到我的忧虑. 284. Previously he was obviously envious of my success. 先前他明显地嫉妒我的成功. 285. I highly appreciate the preceding man's precious precise exercise. 我高度欣赏前面那个人可贵的精确演练. 286. The miracle mirrors a horrible error made by the terrorists in the terrible territory. 这件奇事反映了恐怖分子在这一可怕地区犯的可怕错误. 287. I hurt my tongue when I hurried to eat cherry and strawberry merrily. 我匆忙快活地吃樱桃和草莓时伤了舌头. 288. The man proclaimed in exclamation that he aimed to reclaim the aimless claim. 那个人呼喊着声明说他打算索回无目标的索赔. 289. In no circumstances can the bicycle in the circle of the circus be a focus. 马戏表演圈子中的自行车决不会成为焦点. 290. I'm busy unless I'm blessed with less lesson. 我很忙,除非我很幸运只有少量功课. 291. How to pronounce the noun "ounce" in the announcement? 布告中的名词"盎司"怎样发音? 292. It's incredible that the editor's editorial in this edition is edible. 本版中的编辑社论可以食用让人难以置信。

293. The whistler whispered, "Which is rich?" 鸣笛者低语道:"哪一个富有?" 294. Which method of making the metal helmet is more economical in total? 生产这种金属头盔的方法哪一种总体上更节约? 295. The diligent teller told a tedious story about the intelligent satellite. 勤奋的出纳讲述了一个关于智能卫星的乏味故事. 296. The soda made the goddess nod by the fishing rod. 苏打使女神在钓竿旁打盹. 297. The modest man moderately modified the model in this mode. 谦虚者适度地用这种方式修改了模型。

298. The humorous rumour has something to do with human humanity and vanity. 那个幽默传闻与人类的仁慈和虚荣心有关。

299. The wakened cake baker awakes to that he has to brake by the lake. 被唤醒的蛋糕师傅醒悟到他必须在湖边刹车。

300. I overtake the undertaker who takes my stake by mistake. 我追上那个误拿我赌注的承办人 ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第七天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第七天) 301. The crying boy tries to fry the dry crystal. 哭喊的男孩试图用油炸干晶体. 302. In the chimney the donkey and monkey found the key to the money monitor. 猴和驴在烟囱里找到了货币监视器的钥匙. 303. At the edge of the wedged hedge, I acknowledged the knowledgeable man. 在楔形篱笆的边缘上,我向那位博识的人致谢. 304. The shark's remark on the marble mark in the market is remarkable. 骗子关于市场上大理石标记的评论值得关注. 305. In the sparking park, the darling dark dog barked at the embarked larks. 在闪着火花的公园里,可爱的深色狗对着装载于船云雀吠叫. 306. The drifter swiftly shifted the gift to the left of the lift. 那个漂泊者敏捷地将礼物换到电梯的左边. 307. The rival's arrival gives him a forgivable chance. 对手的到来给他一个可原谅的机会。

308. From the fact, the shivering driver derives that the diver may thrive on river. 发抖的司机从这个事实得出结论说跳水员可以靠河流繁荣. 309. The striver contrives to derive that privacy can't be deprived. 奋斗者想方设法推导得出隐私(权)不可剥夺. 310. The lively survivor surveyed the conveyer. 活泼的幸存者考察了输送装置. 311. The living olive keeps the deliverer's liver alive. 活橄榄使发货人的肝脏继续存活. 312. With a knife the knitter ends his wife's life in the lifeboat. 在救生艇上编织者用小刀结束了他妻子的性命。

313. Who made a whole hole in the holy holiday? 谁在神圣的假日里打了一个完整的孔? 314. The man who broke the sole solid lid is solemnly condemned. 打破这个仅有的实心盖子的人受到庄严谴责. 315. By the ruler's schedule, the molecule capsules will play an important role in the roller. 根据统治者的时间表,这种分子胶囊将在滚筒上起重要作用. 316. I deliberately liberated the man who was in despair and desperately struggled for liberation and liberty. 我有意解放了那个拼命地争取解放和自由的绝望者。

317. At the outset this set of setting settled the offset problem of the kettle. 在开始,这一套设置解决了水壶的弥补问题. 318. I bet that he forgot the forged alphabetical targets. 我打赌他忘记了按字母顺序排列的锻造靶子. 319. The draft for aircraft is sent to the airline by airmail. 订购航空器的汇票用航空邮件寄给了航空公司. 320. On the impaired dairy the chairman lay in a pair of repaired chairs for haircut. 在遭到损害的牛奶场,主席躺在一对修理过的椅子上理发. 321. I met a fairly unfair affair upstairs. 我在楼上遇到一件颇不公平的事. 322. At the breakfast, the steak leaked from the break. 早餐时,肉片从缺口处漏出来。

323. The weak speaker made a speech on the bleak peak. 虚弱的讲话者在荒凉的山峰上发表了演说。

324. The mouse's tearing the blouse and trousers aroused the housewife's anger. 老鼠撕咬短衫和裤子激起了主妇的怒火。

325. We beat (defeated) the cheat who heated the wheat. 我们打败了给小麦加热的骗子。

326. He created the great creature with concrete for recreation. 他用混凝土创造了这个伟大的创造物作消遣. 327. In the theater I threatened to treat the treaty with retreat. 在剧院里,我威胁要以退却来对待条约. 328. The man in neat sweaty sweater seated himself in the rear. 穿整洁的汗湿毛衣的男子在后面就坐. 329. The lagging man tagged the bags among the luggage with small flags. 落伍者给行李中的袋子加上小旗标签. 330. The ragged man drags a waggon of rag fragments. 那个衣衫褴褛的人拉着一货车破布碎片. 331. The lawyer's son-in-law likes hawk's claws and jaws. 律师的女婿喜欢鹰爪和下颌. 332. The drawer put the strawberries and raw paws into a drawer in the saw-mill. 绘图者把草莓和生熊掌放进锯板厂的抽屉里。

333. I had appetite for inviting the man who bit me despite I had spite against him. 我有意邀请咬我的人,尽管我怨恨他. 334. On the exciting kite site, the excited reciter cited my verse. 在激动人心的风筝现场,激动的朗诵者应用了我的诗句。

335. The photographer put the graph in the paragraph on geographical geometry. 摄影师将图表插到论述地理几何学的段落. 336. The telegram says that the diagrams show the grammar of the program. 电报说图表表示程序的语法. 337. With gratitude he congratulated me on the celebration. 他怀着感激向我祝贺庆典. 338. The rational operator started a new era of opera cooperation in AD 2000. 理性的操作者在公元 2000 年开创了一个歌剧合作的新时代. 339. I can't tolerate the acceleration in decorating the refrigerator. 我不能容忍对冷库装饰的加速. 340. The fateful up-to-date data of the gate have a fatal error. 大门的决定性最新数据有一个致命错误. 341. I've hatred for the hateful man's skates bought with prior private privilege. 我对那个可恶男子用优先个人特权购买的冰鞋感到厌恶. 342. With one penny I had this peculiar pen opened. 我花了一便士让人把这支奇特的钢笔打开了。

343. I lowered flowing flowers below the table. 我把飘垂的花降低到桌子之下. 344. The plowman slowly blows at the glowing globe. 犁地者对着发红的球体慢慢吹气. 345. The fellow's yellow pillow is hollowed by his follower. 那个家伙的黄色枕头被他的跟随者掏空了. 346. The junior and senior of the senate all have driver's licenses. 参议院的年长者和年少者都有驾驶执照. 347. The immense expense in condensing the steam made me tense. 凝结蒸汽的巨大开支使我感到紧张. 348. A sensible man's sensor is sensitive to nonsense on census. 明智者的传感器对人口调查废话敏感. 349. The offensive offender defended himself with the fence. 那个讨厌的触犯者用篱笆自卫. 350. The dependent dependant can't live independently. 依靠别人的被赡养者不能独立生活. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第八天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第八天) 351. The attendants attend the meeting and pretend to be attentive. 侍从们出席会议并装出专注的样子。

352. The tenderer surrendered her tremendously slender tender fingers. 投标者交出了她异常纤细娇嫩的手指. 353. The tension tends to extend to a more extensive extent. 紧张倾向于向更广泛的程度扩展。

354. I spend money on expensive things endlessly; so the expenditure trends up. 我无休止地花钱买昂贵的东西,所以开支趋向上升。

355. I send him the blend calendar and the splendid bent lens he lent to me. 我把他借给我的混合日历和绝妙的弯曲透镜送给他. 356. The goodness of the wooden goods gives me good mood. 木制商品的精华给我一个好心情. 357. The teenagers in the canteen are keen to see the queen sitting between the green screens in the greenhouse. 食堂里的少年们巴望见到坐在温室里的绿色屏风间的女王。

358. From the tiny tin pin, the spinner pinched off an inch. 纺纱工从小锡别针上掐掉一英寸。

359. In my opinion, only the onion can grow in the iron environment. 据我看,只有洋葱能在铁质环境中生长。

360. The crazy jazzman gazed at the blaze on the razor with amazement. 疯狂的爵士音乐演奏者惊愕地盯着剃刀上的白斑. 361. The illustration illuminates the demonstrating Democrat's penetrating strategy. 图解阐明了正在示威的民主党党员的渗透策略. 362. The cat catches a fat rat and scatters the others under the mat. 猫抓了一只肥鼠并驱散了席子下面的其它老鼠。

363. On the flat platform the bat will pat whatever hat it likes. 在平坦的站台上,蝙蝠会拍打它喜欢的任何帽子. 364. Hence the hen cries whenever it sees a chicken. 从此每当那只母鸡看见小鸡时就叫. 365. The driller filled the grill with brilliant film. 钻孔者在烤架上填满辉煌的胶片. 366. The ill man had a pill and sat on the pillar in stillness until now. 那个坏人吃了一颗药丸后静止不动地坐在柱子上直到现在. 367. The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski. 技术娴熟的磨坊主用雪橇杀死了上百万头狮子。

368. The silly spilled the milk on the silver silk. 傻子把牛奶溅到银白色的丝绸上。

369. On the far farm the army's arms are kept warm by a swarm of bees. 在远方的农场上,陆军的武器被一群蜜蜂保暖. 370. The alarm harmed the charming harmony of the ceremony. 警报声损害了典礼迷人的和谐. 371. Squirrel inquired an acquaintance and acquired the requirements. 松鼠询问了一位熟人,得知了那些要求. 372. A title is entitled to the retired worker who repaired the entire tire tirelessly. 那个不倦地修理了整个轮胎的退休工人被授予了一个头衔. 373. The hired admirer inspired his desire for the wire. 雇佣钦佩者激发了他对铁丝的渴望. 374. The firm fireman first overcame thirst desire. 坚定的消防员首先克服口渴欲望。

375. The tiresome pirate sounded siren and let off fireworks. 讨厌的海盗鸣汽笛放焰火. 376. The career carpenter put the cargo on the carbon carpet. 职业木匠把货物放到碳质地毯上. 377. The married man carried the scarred car and carriage onto the carrier. 已婚男子把有疤痕的汽车和马车带到了航母上。 378. Apart from that apartment, the departed department leader was partly partial to this one. 除了那套公寓外,已故系领导还有点偏爱这一套. 379. I can hardly pardon his discarding the hardware and cardboard in the harbour. 我简直不能原谅他在港口丢弃五金和硬纸板. 380. The guard guards the guarantee in the garden regardless of the hazard. 卫兵不顾危险看守着花园里的抵押品。

381. I packed the jackets and rackets into packets with the sacks. 我们用袋子将夹克和球拍打成小包。

382. The bachelor is detached to attach tags to the yacht. 学士被派遣去给游艇贴标签。

383. The attacker cracked the racks and stacked them on the track. 攻击者打裂搁板并把它们堆在跑道上. 384. The backward man lacks black background. 落后的男子缺少黑色背景. 385. The awfully awkward warship is warned not to be awarded war reward. 那艘非常拙劣的军舰受到不给予战争报酬的警告。

386. Afterwards, I went toward the yard and looked upward, downward, inward, outward, forward and backward. 后来我走向院子,向上下内外前后看. 387. The bright fighter is frightened and flies upright in straight line from the right. 那架明亮的战斗机受到惊吓后呈直线地从右边垂直飞起来. 388. I slightly delight in flight in the sunlight and lightning. 我有点喜欢在阳光和闪电中飞行. 389. Money will be tight overnight after tonight's midnight.银根将在今晚午夜之 后一下紧缩. 390. The sightseer speaks highly of the highway with sigh. 观光者叹息着盛赞这条公路. 391. At the agency, the aged agent is urgently urged to go for surgery by the gentle surgeon. 在办事处,温和的外科医生急切地催促年老的代理商做外科手术。

392. If you carry the cabinet of cabbage garbage to the garage, you'll get an average wage. 如果你把这橱柜包菜垃圾扛进了汽车库,你将获得一份平均工资. 393. The villagers in rage caused a tragedy on the cage-like stage. 狂怒的村民在笼子形的舞台上制造了一场悲剧. 394. It is imaginable that breaking the engagement will damage his image. 可以想象,违反婚约将损害他的形象。

395. The extra theme of the supreme scheme is an extreme secret. 至高无上的计划的额外主题是个极端机密. 396. No extraordinary disorder happens on the orderly border. 在有序的边界上没有发生不寻常的混乱. 397. The wordy lord left his sword on the world. 多话的君主把他的剑留在了世界上. 398. According to the record, the cord was the oldest recorder the people could afford. 据记载,绳子是人们用得起的最古老的记录器. 399. Moreover, the new government overlooked the governor over the oven. 而且,新政府忽视了炉子上方的州长. 400. In the discussion I discovered that the lost cover was recovered. 在讨论中我发现盖子失而复得. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第九天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第九天) 401. The beloved novelist put her lovely gloves above the stove. 敬爱的小说家把她美丽的手套放在火炉上方。

402. It's proved that the approver improved waterproof roof. 经证实,赞同者改善了防水屋顶. 403. In the reaction, the fraction acts as an agent. 在反应中,这些碎片起一种媒剂的作用. 404. Actually the actor and actress reacted actively to the activity. 实际上男演员和女演员对这个活动作出了积极的反应。

405. In the racial horse-race, the white racer's race-horse won. 在种族赛马运动中,白人赛手的马获胜. 406. I feel a trace of disgrace for the gracious man's embracing her bracelet. 我对仁慈男子拥抱她的手镯感到一丝耻辱. 407. The preface is written on the surface of the furnace that faces the space facilities. 序言写在面对太空设施的火炉表面. 408. “In fact, some factors are unsatisfactory to the factory,” the dissatisfied manager said. “事实上有些因素对工厂来说不是满意的。”不满的经理说。

409. The manufacturer manually manufactured many machines for the manufactory. 制造商为工厂手工制造了很多机器。

410. The exact contact with practice has practical impact on me. 同实践的密切接触对我有实际的影响. 411. To make the contract attractive, the contractor subtracted a tractor from it. 为了使合同有吸引力,承包商从中减去了一台拖拉机。

412. In this chapter, the capture characterized the characteristics of the characters. 俘虏在本章描述了字符的特性. 413. The captive captivated by the apt adaptation rapped the cavity with rapture. 被灵巧的改编迷住了的被捕者着迷地敲打空腔. 414. I'm in charge of discharging a large amount of charcoal and coal at the coal mine. 我负责在煤矿卸一大堆木炭和煤。

415. With shortcomings overcome, the outcome become welcome. 随着缺点被克服,结果变得受欢迎. 416. At the station the statesman hesitates to state the status of the statue. 在车站政治家不愿陈述雕像的状况。

417. The limitation on the imitations is preliminarily eliminated. 对模仿的限制初步被消除. 418. The unconventional convention put many people to inconvenience. 那个不合惯例的大会使很多人感到不便. 419. The ventilator inventor's adventure prevented him from venturing revenge. 通风机发明家的奇遇阻止了他冒险复仇. 420. Even the evening event couldn't eventually spoil the joy of the New Year's Eve. 即便是傍晚的事件最终也无损除夕的欢乐. 421. After an explosion the explorer restored the storage of the explosive in the exploiter's storehouse. 爆炸过后勘探者恢复了剥削者的仓库里炸药的储量. 422. The sore is orally ignored by the ignorant immoral man. 疮痛被无知的不道德者口头忽视了. 423. The boring boy bored ashore for ore core at the score. 讨厌的男孩在海岸上的刻线处钻探矿核. 424. In the famine I got familiar with this famous family name/surname. 在饥荒中,我熟悉了这个有名的姓。

425. The tame tigers play the same game on the frame. 温顺的老虎在框架上玩同一游戏. 426. The shameless lame man is to blame for the flaming frame. 无耻的跛子应为燃烧的框架负责。

427. The plain woman explained to me why she complained about the chain. 长相平平的女人向我解释她为什么抱怨那条链子。

428. After the entertainment the captain obtained an entrance fee. 娱乐表演之后,船长获得了一笔入场费. 429. It's acertained that the certificate is behind the curtain of the stainless steel container. 经查实证书在不锈钢容器的帘子后面. 430. In the building, the wild child hurt his mild chin on the china. 在大楼里,那个粗野的孩子在瓷器上弄伤了温柔的下巴。

431. The feeble man feels an ache on his heels and knees when he kneels on the steel steering wheel. 当虚弱男子跪在钢舵轮上时他的脚跟和双膝感到疼痛. 432. The bee paid the fee of coffee, beef and beer for the cheerful deer. 蜜蜂为欢快的鹿付了咖啡、牛肉和啤酒的费用. 433. To the ants, the infant elephant is a giant in the plantation. 对蚂蚁们来说,幼小的大象是种植园里的庞然大物. 434. The merciful merchant wants to grant some merchandise to the panting immigrants. 仁慈的商人要给喘气的移民们一些商品. 435. The lengthened long fishing rod alongside the lake belongs to me. 靠在湖边的加长长钓竿属于我. 436. The strong man among us strongly hates the wrongdoing. 我们当中的壮汉强烈憎恶这件坏事. 437. In occasional case the phrase emphasizes the importance of the phase to the laser. 在偶然情况下该短句强调了相位对于激光的重要性. 438. Based on the basic case, the purchaser found the vase in the basin in the basement. 根据这个基本情况,购买者在地下室的盆子里找到了花瓶. 439. On the camp of the campus the campaign champion put the camera on the camel. 在校园的营地上运动冠军将摄影机放在骆驼上. 440. He stamped on the stamps and slammed the lamp on the damp dam. 他用脚踩邮票并将灯砰地摔在潮湿的坝上. 441. When the boat floats through the throat, the goat in overcoat goes to the goal. 当船漂过狭口时,穿大衣的山羊朝目标走去. 442. The competitor is compelled to complete the competition. 竞争者被迫完成了比赛. 443. I'm perplexed by the flexible complex index of sex and age. 我被灵活复杂的性别与年龄索引迷惑住了。

444. Since then the sincere princess has known the principal principle. 从那时起诚实的公主就知道该主要原理。

445. The bead is put on the forehead of the dead shepherd ahead of the herd. 珠子被戴在牧群前面的死牧羊人的前额上. 446. The misleader let me use the lead instead of the unsteady metal. 误导者让我用铅代替不稳定的金属. 447. The reader already readily spread the thread on the ready-made bread. 那位读者已经欣然将丝线铺散在现成的面包上。

448. "Ten percent of the cents are made in recent centuries," he said with strong accent. "百分之十的分币是最近几个世纪制造的,"他带着浓重的口音说. 449. The neutral scent of kerosene is concentrated in the center of the scene. 煤油的中性气味在场景中心被浓缩. 450. Those innocent adolescents ascending the hill are the tribe's descendants of decent descent. 这些爬山的天真青少年是这个部落具有正派血统的后代. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十天) 451. The tenant is discontented with the content of the agreement for renting the tennis tent. 租户用于租这座网球帐篷对协议的内容不满。

452. The current occurrence of torrent spurs him to buy fur and sulfur. 急流的当今的事件激励他买毛皮和硫。

453. I'm confident that the dentist will deny the confidential accidental incident. 我自信牙科医生将否认秘密的偶然的事件。

454. The student identified the identical idiom on the identity cards. 学生鉴定关于身份证的相同的习语。

455. The stupid student rapidly studied the accident in the studio. 愚蠢的学生在工作室迅速学习事故。

456. Considering considerable spiders outside, I stay in the president's residence. 在外面考虑到相当多的蜘蛛,我呆在总统官邸。

457. Besides this side, I considered both the inside and outside. 除这边以外,我考虑两在内部和外部。

458. It's evident that the evil devil inevitably goes to ruin. 很显然邪恶魔鬼不可避免去找毁坏。

459. In the company my companion accompanied me until I accomplished polishing the shoes. 在公司我的同伴陪我,直到我完成擦亮那些鞋。

460. I prepare to compare the two comparable parallel companies. 我准备比较两家可比较的平行的公司。

461. My neighbor knows the height and weight of the highjacked freight. 我的邻居知道被抢劫的货运的高度和重量。

462. The rebels labeled the labor laboring in the laboratory and lavatory. 那些叛乱者给在实验室和洗手间劳动的劳动贴标签。 463. At 8 o'clock the clerk locked the flock of cocks in the room. 在 8 点办事员在房间里锁住这群公鸡。

464. The mocker knocked the stock with the knots on the stocking and sock. 嘲笑者撞股票有结在长袜和短袜上。

465. I'm determined to permit the permanent term on detergent. 我决定在洗涤剂上允许永久的时期。

466. The committee admits it committed an omission in commissioning the mission. 委员会承认一委托任务的省略犯。

467. The odd man added an additional riddle to the middle of the saddle. 古怪的人给这个鞍的中间添加一个另外的谜。

468. The insult to the adult consulter results in multiplication of the faulty faucets. 对成年人的商议者的侮辱导致有故障的水龙头的乘法。

469. The detective detected that the arch was under the marching Arctic architects' protection. 侦探发现拱在前进的北极的建筑师的保护下。

470. In the college, I alleged that I recollected the dialog in dialect about the dial collection. 在学院,我声称我关于表盘收集用方言回忆对话。

471. In the selection the lecturer neglected the negligible negative reflection on the election. 在选择过程中讲演者关于选举忽视可以忽视的负的反射。

472. The electrical connection in the photoelectric elevator involves electronics. 在光电的升降机里的电气装线与电子有关。

473. The rising risk arises from the surprised fund raiser's praise of the appraisal. 提高的风险起因于惊讶的专款筹资者的评价的赞扬。

474. The efficient ancient scientist had conscience in science. 有效率的古代科学家在科学方面有良心。

475. The eagle is eager to anger the tiger in danger. 鹰渴望处境危险激怒虎。

476. The language angel hanged up the gang and banged them at the angle of the triangle. 语言天使抵押那伙人并且在三角形的立场猛击他们。

477. equal, equator, equation, equivalent, quiver 等于,赤道,方程式,相等,轻微的颤动 478. Qualified quality and adequate quantity are equally important. 使有资格的质量和足够的数量同样重要。

479. Televisions and telescopes give the visitors visual ability to see the casual casualty. 电视和望远镜给那些参观者看偶然的伤亡的视觉能力。

480. The grown-up growled at a crowd of crows. 成人对着一群乌鸦咆哮。

481. I threw a row of arrows, which narrowly passed the narrow-minded man's eyebrows. 我投一排箭,这勉强通过心胸狭窄的人的眉。

482. "Sorry, I'll borrow the lorry tomorrow," the sorrowful man said with worry in the corridor. "抱歉,我明天将借运货汽车",悲哀的人在走廊里用担心说。

483. The signalman's signature sign is significant to the vacant vacation. 通信工作人员的签名签字随着空的假期相当多。

484. The resigned designer is designated to an assignment of reigning the foreigners. 辞职的设计者被指定到统治那些外国人的任务。

485. Because of the temperature tempo, I temporarily lost temper to my contemporary in the temple. 因为温度速度,我在庙里临时对我的同时代的人失去脾气。

486. The empty empire's emperor made an attempt to tempt the contemptuous man. 空的帝国的皇帝诱导轻视的人的尝试。

487. The one-eyed man obeyed the obedient audience's order. 独眼的人服从孝顺的观众的命令。

488. The patriot's radar made the radical patient impatient. 爱国者的雷达使激进的病人不耐烦。

489. From the experiment the experienced expert gained an unexpected expertise. 从实验中有经验的专家获得想不到的专门技能。

490. Details about the tailor's tail are available from the prevailing dailies. 关于裁缝的尾巴的细节可以从流行的日报中获得。

491. The sailor was nailed on the rail for he failed to trail the mail. 海员在因为他不能痕迹邮件的横栏上钉。

492. The frank man put the first-rank blank blanket into the tan tank. 坦率的人把这条第一个繁茂的空白的毯子放进褐色油箱。

493. Thanks to the bankrupt banker, my ankle avoided an injury. 感谢破产的银行家,我的脚踝避免了受伤。

494. After a shot the foot began to root and shoot in the boot. 在枪之后脚对根开始并且穿靴子掠过。

495. The academic topic is why the blade of the spade is still sharp after decades' decay. 学术题目是铁铲的刀刃在十年的腐坏之后仍然是锋利的的原因。

496. The invader saw the shadow of the lampshade fade away. 入侵者看见这个灯罩的阴影逐渐消失。

497. The graduated comrade gradually graded the trademarks after the parade. 毕业的同志在检阅之后逐渐将商标分级。 498. Both the math pathfinders bathed in the bathtub. 两个数学空降导航人员在这个澡盆里游泳。

499. In the thesis the synthetic symbol symbolizes sympathy. 在论文里合成符号体现同情。

500. For unity the units united into a unique union. 对团结来说单位合并成一个独特的协会。 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十一天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十一天) 501. The commonsense commonwealth government no longer uses the uncommon commonplace. 有常识的联邦政府不再使用不寻常的陈腐之言。

502. The communist communicated communism to this municipal community. 那个共产党员把共产主义传入该市立社区. 503. In the bar the barber bargained for a jar of jam, then got over the barrier of barrels. 在酒吧里理发师为一罐果酱讲了价然后越过桶作的屏障. 504. The quarrelsome general quarreled about a quarter quart of oil in the headquarters. 好争吵的将军在司令部为四分之一夸脱油而争吵. 505. On the wedding I saw blooms embeded in the bed of the bedroom. 在婚礼上,我看见卧室的床上镶嵌着花朵. 506. The fisherman wishes to finish the dish of reddish fish. 渔夫希望做完那盘略带红色的鱼。

507. On the Christmas the Christian's assistant fisted Pistol Piston and twisted his wrist. 在圣诞节,基督徒的助手拳击了“手枪活塞”并扭了他的手腕. 508. My sister insists consistently on persistent resistance to transistor radios. 妹妹一贯坚决主张持久抵制晶体管收音机。

509. The chemist and the mistress insist that the mist consists of several chemicals. 化学家和女教师坚持认为薄雾由几种化学物品构成. 510. My nephew found a few dewdrops on the Jewish jeweler's jewel. 侄儿发现犹太珠宝商的珠宝上有几滴露珠. 511. The crew unscrewed the screws from the sewing-machine and chewed them. 船员们从缝纫机上旋下螺钉并咀嚼它们. 512. The interviewer reviewed the newspaper and renewed his viewpoint on the news. 采访者再次查看了报纸并更新了他对该新闻的看法. 513. The refiner defined a definite confine with her fine finger. 提炼者用她精细的手指定义了一个明确的界限. 514. The sugared vinegar is refined from the sugarcane and pine. 加糖的醋是从甘蔗和松木中精炼出来的. 515. We are dined and wined in the inner dining-room of the inn. 在旅店的内部餐厅,我们受到了酒宴款待. 516. I'm inclined to underline these disciplines in the outline written on linen. 我倾向于给写在亚麻布上的大纲中的这些学科划下画线. 517. The engineer examined the engine of the mining machine for stomach. 工程师检查采矿机的发动机是否有肚子痛。

518. The submitted submarine on the magic magazine is shining and magnificent. 魔术杂志上那艘提交的潜艇闪亮而壮观。

519. Thus the enthusiastic dumb man thumbed the humble man's umbrella. 于是热情的哑巴用拇指拨弄谦卑男子的伞. 520. The trembles of the umbrella assembly lines have resemblances. 这些雨伞装配线的抖动有相似之处。

521. I'm interested in why he is arrested while resting in aural restaurant in the forest. 我对他为何在森林里的香味餐馆歇息的时候被捕感兴趣。

522. I guess the guest's gesture suggested that he could not digest well. 我猜想客人的手势暗示了他消化不良. 523. The pretty priest protested the contest of protein test. 漂亮牧师抗议蛋白质化验赛. 524. “What a marvelous carving!” the starving harvester in vest said. “好一件神奇的雕刻!”挨饿的穿着背心的收割者说. 525. During the festival the investor investigated his ancestor. 节日期间投资者调查了他的祖宗. 526. Subsequently the eloquent man frequently asked the consequence of quenching in sequence. 其后雄辩者频繁地询问顺序灭火的结果. 527. In this semester the westerner thinks Chest Orchestra is the best. 这学期西方人认为箱子乐队是最好的乐队. 528. Henceforth, the north wind is worthless to the northerners. 从今以后,北风对北方人没有益处。

529. On the eastern Easter feast, at least one beast's breasts were tested with yeast. 在东部复活节宴会上,至少有一头牲畜的乳房被用酵母做了试验. 530. The young youths lounged in the south mouth of the cave for one month. 无经验的青年们在南洞口闲荡了一个月. 531. The bird nests only in northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest lest it be found. 此鸟只在东北、西北、东南和西南筑巢,以免被发现. 532. The airport and seaport are important to import and export of portable goods. 机场和海港对于进口和出口轻便商品很重要. 533. On the porter's passport a portion of the portrait isn't proportional. 在搬运工的护照上,部分肖像不成比例. 534. With the reporter's support, the sportsmen are transported to the airport. 在记者的支持下,运动员们被运送到了机场. 535. After a fortnight's torture, the unfortunate man got an opportunity to escape the misfortune. 经过两星期的拷打后那个不幸的人得到了逃脱不幸的机会. 536. I got this sort of comfortable soft shorts with no efforts. 我不费吹灰之力弄到了这种柔软舒适的短裤。

537. The forecaster contrasted the cast castle with the vast desert. 预言者将铸造的城堡与广阔的沙漠作了对比。

538. I tasted the paste in haste and cast it on the waste plaster. 我匆忙品尝了浆糊然后将其丢在废泥灰上。

539. The astronaut, an astronomy fan, is astonished at the gymnastics show in the gymnasium. 宇航员(一位天文学迷)对体育馆里的体操表演感到惊骇. 540. The master's masterpiece caused a disaster to headmaster. 主人的杰作给校长造成灾难. 541. After the blast the plastics show everlasting elasticity. 爆炸过后,塑胶显示出永久的弹性. 542. The pitch made me itch. I pitched the switch into the ditch around the kitchen. 沥青使我发痒.我把开关抛进围绕厨房的水沟里. 543. I scratched a match and saw my watch catching a patch. 我划了一根火柴发现我的手表钩着了一块补丁。

544. With time elapsing, the flaps collapse up on his clapper's lap. 随着时间流逝,袋盖在拍手者的膝上堆叠起来。

545. The incapable man in cap went into the hospitable capital hospital. 戴帽的无能男子走进热情好客的首都医院. 546. I gripped the striped strip that tripped me over on the ship. 我握着那条在船上将我绊倒的带条纹的带子。

547. With his lips the sly fly clipped the slippery slipper that eclipsed his sight. 狡猾的苍蝇用嘴唇夹住遮挡他视线的滑拖鞋。

548. The button utters in mutter, "The butterfly likes the buttered earthnut/peanut." 按钮咕哝着发出声音说:"蝴蝶喜欢涂了奶油的花生." 549. The scraped escapee taped the grapes into various shapes. 擦伤的逃犯用带子把葡萄扎成各种形状。

550. In the past the compass could pass passion to the passive man having pastime on the pasture. 在过去,指南针可以将激情传递给在牧场上消遣的被动之人 ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十二天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词的(第十二天) 551. In the passage the passenger passed a cassette of message to messenger. 在过道里,乘客给信差传递了一盒带信息。

552. It was not the aluminum but the massive brass and bronze on the grass that embarrassed me. 让我为难的不是铝而是草地上厚重的黄铜和青铜. 553. From the classical class, the classmate with glasses knows the classification of classics. 戴眼镜的同学从古典文学课上知道了古典名著的分类. 554. The hungry drunk plunged a trunk of lungs into the tunnel under the channel. 饥饿的醉汉把一大箱肺投进了水渠下面的隧道. 555. I bundled a bunch of branches and anchored it on the punching bench. 我捆起一簇树枝,将它栓在冲压工作台上. 556. The fundamental fund functions punctually in conjunction with abundant capital. 这笔重要基金与充裕的资本一起准时发挥作用. 557. Uncle and aunt launched a laundry with the blunt hunter. 伯伯和伯母与直率的猎人创办了一家洗衣店. 558. The upset supplement supplier went up with the puppet to the upper room for supper. 心烦意乱的增刊供给者与傀儡一起到上面的房间吃晚餐. 559. I'm liable to give reliable reply to the application for supply of apples. 我有责任对申请供应苹果给予可靠答复. 560. Salaries vary with various jobs. 薪水随各种各样的工作而异。

561. I didn't evaluate the blue glue due to the vague plague. 因为不明确的瘟疫,我没有对蓝色胶水估价。

562. The flu influenced the influential speaker's fluency of speech. 流感影响了那个有影响的讲话者讲话的流畅. 563. I have association with the socialists of the society. 我与协会内的社会主义者有交往. 564. In the cinema the medicine immediately remedied the medium. 在电影院里这种药立刻拯救了中间人. 565. I use the ripe recipe to wipe the pipeline. 我用成熟的配方来擦拭管道. 566. The boastful toaster roasts himself on the coast in the sunshine. 好说大话的祝酒者在海岸上晒太阳. 567. It was true that the rescued cruel man let fuel oil issue from the tissue. 获救的无情男子真的任凭燃油从薄纱中流出. 568. The furious obscure curer is curious to secure the curly-curved mercury curiosity. 盛怒的不出名治疗者渴望弄到这种带卷曲曲线的水银珍品。

569. The dictator predicted the contradiction in the dictionary. 独裁者预言了字典中的矛盾. 570. In the fiction, the victim of the conflict pictured the picnic after victory. 在小说中,冲突中的受害者描绘了胜利后的野餐. 571. The pupils will fix with a mixture the fixed figure in the future. 学生们将来要用一种混合物整修固定轮廓。

572. The impure mixture with impurity is purified. 含杂质的不纯混合物被提纯。

573. The native has no nationality; he is an international man. 这个土著没有国籍,他是一个国际人. 574. In the rural the naturally matured tomatoes have this nature. 在乡下自然成熟的番茄具有这种性质. 575. The worshiper thinks that the worst is the insufficient horsepower. 崇拜者认为最坏的事是马力不足. 576. A year ago I could go without the foregoing favorite flavor. 一年前没有先前最喜爱的风味我也能过. 577. The fresh flesh on the mesh refreshed the dog. 网格上的新鲜肉使狗恢复了体力. 578. In the autumn the authorities automatically authorize me to buy highly mobile automobiles. 秋天,当权者自动授权我买高机动性的汽车. 579. The columnist holds the colorful column of the colonial newspaper. 那位专栏作家主持殖民地报纸的多彩专栏. 580. In the beautiful bureau my daughter's laughter served for the sauce of the sausage. 在漂亮的办公署,女儿的笑声充当了香肠的调料。

581. The mechanical mechanic knows the technique and technology of the echo mechanism. 呆板的机修工知道共鸣装置的技术和工艺. 582. The ugly druggist gauged the huge plug in the refugee's rug. 丑陋的药剂师测量了难民毛毯中的巨大插头. 583. I hope to make copper copies of the telescope and microscope for hobby in the lobby. 我希望制作望远镜和显微镜的铜质复制品. 584. The sloped envelope indicates the development velocity of printing. 那个倾斜的信封显示了印刷的发展速度。

585. The rope is proper property to the prospering rope maker. 绳子对成功的制绳者来说是真正的财产. 586. It's a pity that the spitbox in the pit was hit and split. 遗憾的是坑内的痰盂被打裂. 587. The situation is fit for profiting and beneficial to the shops situated nearby. 这种形势适于获利且对坐落在附近的商铺有益。

588. The fanciful panda fan panics over the span of the pan-like panel. 爱幻想的熊猫迷对盆状仪表板的全长感到恐慌. 589. The advanced van has disadvantages as well as advantages. 这辆先进的篷车有优点也有缺点. 590. The original Organ Organization was originated with an original man. 最初的风琴组织是由一个有创见的人发起的。

591. The pale salesman wholesales scales on a large scale. 面色苍白的推销员大规模批发比例尺(天平,鱼鳞). 592. The males think the females have talent for telling stale tales. 男人认为女人有讲陈腐故事的才能。

593. Beneath (Underneath) the wreath the deaf man near death is out of breath. 花环下面那个快要死的聋子喘不过气来。

594. The conclusion includes my attitude toward his rudeness. 结论包含了我对他的粗鲁所持的态度. 595. In the pond the sponsor responded to the correspondent's corresponding responsibility. 在池塘里主办者对通讯员的相应责任作出了回应. 596. In this version, some conversions are made to the verbs and adverbs in the conversation. 该版本中,会话中的动词和副词作了一些转换. 597. The cosmic verse on the reverse of the paper is very welcome in Universe University. 纸张背面的宇宙韵文在宇宙大学很受欢迎。

598. The dismissed Swiss miss kissed the once missing missile and scissors. 被解雇的瑞士小妞吻了一度失踪的导弹和剪刀。

599. The comb is combined with a bomb in the tomb. 梳子和坟墓里的炸弹结合在一起。

600. The sum of the hammers is made in the summer summary. 锤子总额在夏季总结里作了统计. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十三天) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词(第十三天) 601. Last summer the drummer became an amateur dramatist dramatically. 去年夏天,鼓手戏剧性地变成了业余剧作家. 602. Long Tongue League's colleagues are fatigued with cataloguing. 长舌联合会的同僚们编目录编累了。

603. The bottle is hidden in the bottom of a ton of cotton the cottage. 瓶子被藏在农舍里一吨棉花的底部. 604. The pattern of the battery doesn't matter to the battle against the little brittle cattle. 电池的式样对与脆小牛作战无关要紧。

605. By the biography, the biologist's playing the violet violin violently violated rules. 据传记记载,生物学家猛奏紫罗兰色的小提琴违犯了规矩. 606. In the faithful waiter's waist exists a list of the ten listeners. 在忠实的侍者的腰里存有那十位听众的名单。

607. The typist plays Typhoon on the piano in a typical style. 打字员以典型的风格在钢琴上演奏“台风”。

608. I pushed aside the crushed cushion in a rush and saw a bushy brush. 我急忙推开压皱的软垫子,看见一把浓密的刷子。

609. Riding on the ridge of the bridge, the proud bride shouts loudly to the cloud. 骄傲的新娘骑在桥脊上对着云大声喊. 610. The decisive decimal point made the acid man decide to suicide. 决定性的小数点使刻薄之人决定自杀。

611. I'm convinced that the provincial government will provide provisional provisions. 我深信地方政府将提供临时供应品。

612. The hidden division is subdivided into individuals. 隐藏的师被细分为个体. 613. The tides slide on the tidy wide beach and collide each other. 海潮在整洁宽阔的海滩上滑行并相互碰撞。

614. The briber described the tribe head's bribery. 行贿者描述了部落首领的受贿行为. 615. The ribbon of the rifle is fabricated with fibre. 来复枪的带子是用纤维制作的. 616. The continent continues to control the import of petrol and petroleum. 大陆方面继续控制汽油和石油进口。

617. They returned in turn to bury the luxuries burnt in the burst. 他们依次返回来埋藏在爆炸中烧毁的奢侈品。

618. Banned murders in the suburb bring turbulent disturbance and burden to the urban turbine works. 在郊区被禁止的谋杀给都市透平工厂带来汹涌骚乱和重负. 619. A nice price of the iced rice is offered to the officer. 军官得到了冰冻米的好价钱。

620. The poor man in poverty sleeps on the floor at the doorway. 那个贫困的可怜人睡在门口的地板上。

621. In the log lodge he said some illogical apologies. 在木屋里他说了些不合逻辑的道歉话. 622. The slogan crier saw the dog and frog jump to and fro in the fog. 呼口号者看见狗和青蛙在雾中来回跳. 623. I recognized the large-sized prize and seized it. 我认出了大号奖品并将它占有。

624. The lying liar lied to the dying diet maker that the tie was dyed blue. 躺着的说谎者对临死的食疗制作者谎称带子染成了蓝色. 625. The unyielding man fiercely pierced the shield in the field. 那个不屈的人凶猛地刺穿田野里的盾牌. 626. Perhaps something happy will happen to the unhappy man. 或许那个不高兴的人将要碰上某件快乐的事。

627. The Greek checked his cheeks on the weekend. 希腊人在周末检查了他的面颊。

628. The troop's stoop on the loop became the top topic at the bus stop. 部队在环行道上的屈服在公共汽车站成了头等话题。

629. The chop shopkeeper let the blood drip to the crops. 排骨店老板让血滴到庄稼上。

630. The pop song is popular in the populous city. 这首流行歌曲在人口稠密的城市流行. 631. Regretfully, we can't regulate the irregular liner on the gulf. 遗憾的是我们不能调整海湾上不定期的班船。

632. The pig is obliged to dig a big pit for the pigeon. 猪被迫为鸽子掘一个大坑。

633. In this district I can strictly distinguish the distinct distinctions of bees' stings by instinct. 在该地区我能靠直觉严格分辨蜜蜂刺的明显特征。

634. In the Administration, this minister is in charge of registering regional religions. 在内阁中这个部长负责登记区域宗教。

635. The energetic enemy submerged in the water on the verge of the emergency. 在紧急情况快要发生时精力充沛的敌军沉入水中. 636. The muscular musician found the bud in the mud in the museum. 肌肉发达的音乐家在博物馆里的泥巴中发现了嫩芽。

637. I also heard of the false pulses elsewhere. 我在别处也听说过这些虚假脉冲. 638. The kid kidnapper can't get rid of a ridiculous kidney disease. 绑架小孩的家伙无法摆脱荒谬的肾病。

639. My niece sacredly sacrificed a piece of pie to the God. 侄女郑重地给神供上一块馅饼. 640. The sinful single singer's finger skin is singular. 有罪的单身歌手的手指皮肤独特。

641. “The enterprise will be supervised by a group comprising prominent men,” the despising chairman said concisely with no compromise. “企业将由杰出人员构成的小组来监管,”轻蔑的主席毫不妥协简明地说。

642. The promising singer underwent mysterious misery. 那位有前途的歌手遭受了神秘的痛苦. 643. The physician made a physical examination to the sophisticated philosopher and physicist. 医生给世故的哲学家和物理学家作了体检。

644. Bowing its elbow, the owl sows in the bowl. 猫头鹰弯着肘在碗中播种。

645. The cowardly cow vows not to tow vowels. 胆怯的母牛发誓不拖元音字母。

646. The answer is

Owing to a shower, the powerful powder is no longer on show. 答案是:由于一场阵雨,这种强有力的火药不再展览了。

647. The biscuit compels the mosquitoes quit the equipment. 这种饼干迫使蚊子离开设备. 648. What a nuisance, the suit is ruined due to the unsuitable style. 真糟,这套服装由于款式不合适而毁了. 649. The judge has prejudice to the juicy fruit. 法官对这种多汁水果怀有偏见。

650. The guide disguised his guilty of mixing the liquor with a liter of liquid. 导游把酒与一公升液体混合的罪过掩饰起来. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天记住 7000 考研单词( 第十四天 ) 16 天记住 7000 考研单词( 第十四天 ) 651. When I fetched the sketch on the stretcher I found the secretary's secret. 当我拿来担架上的素描时我发现了秘书的秘密. 652. The mutual spirits inspired us to reach the annual aim. 相互的精神鼓舞了我们达到年度目标. 653. The roaring oar hit the coarse keyboard on the cupboard aboard the boat. 轰鸣的桨击中了船上碗柜上的粗糙键盘. 654. My intimate mate's ultimate estimate approximates the appropriate value. 我亲密伙伴的最终估计接近恰当的值. 655. In case of necessity, necessary session can be held on the vessel. 必要时,必需的开庭可在船舶上进行. 656. By the navigation of microwave, the navy paved a pavement on the wavy sea. 借助微波导航,海军在多浪的大海上铺了一条路。

657. The minority of us are confronted with difficulty in the frontier of the major. 我们少数人在该专业尖端领域面临困难. 658. From the context of the text, I find the next pretext for selling the textile. 我从课文的前后关系中找到卖纺织品的下一个借口. 659. The systematic items stem from the walker's talk about the chalk. 这些系统的条款来源于步行者关于粉笔的谈话. 660. Theoretically, their heir's theory of meteorology can explain the meteor. 从理论上讲,他们的继承人的气象理论能解释这种大气现象。

661. I affirmatively confirmed the conformity of the theory with practice. 我断然确认了理论与实践相符. 662. The subordinate coordinates are in accordance with that set by the cordial chorus. 从属坐标与热心的合唱团的设定值一致。

663. The transactor thinks activating the atomic interaction in the intact reactor is practicable. 办理人认为激活未受影响的反应堆内原子的相互作用是种可行的. 664. The distracted reader can't be absorbed in the abstract extract. 心神纷乱的读者无法专心于抽象的节录. 665. The compact faction fractured because of friction. 紧密小宗派由于摩擦破裂了. 666. Under the guideline, the output of streamlined seamless liners declines linearly. 在该方针的指引下,流线型无缝班机的产量直线下降. 667. The dreadful tread on the meadow broke the deadly deadlock. 草场上可怕的践踏声打破了致命的僵局. 668. The heading is "Headline of Headlong Pleadings". 标题为“仓促答辩状的摘要”. 669. I overhear that the hearty man heartily yearns for my harness in the barn. 我无意中听说那个热忱的人十分向往我的牲口棚中的马具. 670. After the rehearsal, the weary mechanic repaired the gears with shears and spear. 排练完后,疲倦的机修工用剪刀和矛修理了齿轮装置. 671. Having checked the parameters of the apparatus, the paralysed parasite went to the paradise by parachute. 检查过仪器的参数后,瘫痪的寄生虫乘降落伞到天堂去了. 672. In the compartment, the impartial participant told me his counterpart's departure. 在隔间里,公正的参与者把其对等人物的离世告诉了我. 673. The articulate man's artistic cartoon startled the charterer. 发音清晰者的艺术卡通使包租人大吃一惊. 674. The guardian found a quarterly quart of quartz in the safeguard. 监护人在安全装置内找到了四分之一夸脱石英. 675. The immortal man's mortgage can be a shortcut to resolve the food shortage. 不朽之人的抵押可以作为解决食品短缺的捷径. 676. The escort resorted to the orthodox paradox to retort his distortion. 陪护者借助正统悖论反驳他的歪曲. 677. The oppressor suppressed his aggressive opinion about compressor. 压制者制止了他的有关压缩机的挑衅性观点. 678. The senseless senator's pretense of consensus caused a sensation. 愚蠢参议员的舆论借口引起了轰动. 679. The conspicuous suspicious pension is in suspension. 那笔引人注目的可疑养老金被暂停发放. 680. He repents having compensated the dispensable pesion for fear of penalty. 他后悔因害怕处罚而补偿了不必要的养老金. 681. Abundance doesn't mean redundance. The hound found a profound book on the roundabout. 充裕并不意味多余.猎犬在旋转木马上找到一本深奥的书. 682. By courtesy of the mourner, he endeavours to devour the nourishing odour. 承蒙哀悼者同意,他努力吞食滋养气味. 683. The thermal therapy terminated after the terminal germ seminar. 热疗在期末细菌研讨会后终止了. 684. The terraced terrain near the Mediterranean ferry is terrific. 地中海渡口附近的台地地形好极了. 685. The consul's consultant hauled out the assaulter from the vault. 领事的顾问把袭击者从地窖中拖了出来. 686. The nitrogen atoms combine instantaneously, simultaneously and spontaneously. 氮原子瞬间同时自动化合. 687. The respectful spectator gave the prospective president a retrospect of the spectacular spectrum. 恭敬的旁观者对未来的总统回顾了壮观的光谱(景象). 688. The suicides in adjacent area are incidental coincidence. 邻近区域内的自杀是偶然巧合. 689. His ignorance of her dignity ignited her indignation. 他对她的高贵的无知点燃了她的愤怒(之火). 690. The man tackling the drawback of the brackets runs a slack snack business. 那个解决支架缺点的人经营着萧条的小吃生意。

691. At the turning the turtle met a turkey and made a turnover on the turnips. 在拐弯处海龟遇见了火鸡,在萝卜上翻了个身. 692. The overthrown president is overwhelmed by the controversy. 被推翻的总统被辩论降服. 693. The handicapped man got a second-hand handout of shorthand handbook beforehand. 残疾人事先得到了一本二手速记手册施舍品. 694. Hitherto the withering flowers can't withstand the sunshine notwithstanding my care. 尽管有我的呵护,这些凋谢的花至今仍经不起阳光. 695. I averted my eyes from the diverse advertisements for the invert converter. 我把目光从花样繁多的倒置转换器广告上移开. 696. It's deduced that the induced fluctuation does no good to the reproducing productivity. 据推断,诱导波动对复制生产率没有好处. 697. In the Catholic cathedral the athlete shouted out his wrath in the athletic oath. 在天主教大教堂,选手在体育誓言中喊出了他义愤. 698. The destiny of the pest in chestnut is not known before reaching the destination. 栗子中害虫的命运在到达目的地之前是未知的。

699. The wrestler's testimony manifests that he has large estates. 角力者的证言表明他有大量房地产. 700. Having attained the entertaining center, the retained man was detained and sustained pain. 到达娱乐中心后,聘请的男子遭到拘留并经受到痛苦. ※ 来源

考研论坛 bbs.kaoyan.com 16 天背完 7000 个单词第十五天 701. The assessor asserts that he inserted the deserted desserts in the desert with alert. 估价人认定他用警惕把被抛弃的甜点心插入沙漠中。

702. The abrupt corrupt man had the Xeroxed code corroded in the erosion episode. 突然的腐败的人让人在腐蚀插曲过程中腐蚀被影印的代码。

703. The enlightened man highlighted his mighty insight into the fright. 开明的人强调他的强大的对惊悸了解。

704. I would rather withhold than uphold you unfold the gold foil on the threshold. 我宁愿扣留而不支持你展开黄金箔在门槛上。

705. The imposing man posed as a man of good disposition and disposed of t he rubbish. 给人印象深刻的人冒充一个好安排的人并且处理垃圾。

706. The prose author's diagnosis discloses that the hose is damaged. 散文作者的诊断透露软管被损坏。

707. The limping shrimp impulsively implemented the compulsory duty. 跛行的虾冲动实现强制的职责。

708. The implicit implication about the deficit is not explicit. 关于赤字的暗示的暗示不明确。

709. The degeneration of regenerative gene is exaggerated. 更新基因的退步夸大了。

710. The competent petitioner thinks the perpetual impetus is petty. 有能力的请愿者认为永久的动力是可爱的。

711. The superstitious man put the priority on the superficial supersonic superiority. 迷信的人把优先权放在表面的超音速的优良上。

712. The traitor in strait straight forwardly told me the traits of the bait. 在向前直的海峡里的卖国贼告诉我饵的特性。

713. The Oriental is proficient in the ingredients. 东方人对成分熟练。

714. The recipe recipient transiently made the conscientious alien client unconscious. 烹饪法接受者瞬变使有责任心的外国人客户无意识。

715. The rotary agitator irrigated him. 旋转的鼓动者可灌溉的他。

716. The counselor bounced up to denounce discount. 顾问上升蹦跳指责折扣。

717. The degraded undergraduate upgraded the underlying virus program. 被降职的大学生升级基础的病毒计划。

718. Jail life made the frail retailer avail every snail in the pail. 监狱生命使脆弱的零售商在桶里有益于每只蜗牛。

719. Deviation in aviation is dangerous. Writing is alleviated via bias on abbreviation. 在航空过程中的不符合是危险的。


720. On the anniversary the versatile poet wrote an adverse verse Virtue versus Evil. 在周年纪念日上,多用途诗人写信告诉不利的句美德对邪恶。

721. The recruit made the current circulate in the circuit on the circumference. 新兵使电流在周长上在电路内循环。

722. In the suitcase, the guitar tutor found the tuition by intuition. 在小提箱里,吉他导师以直觉发现学费。

723. The watchful snatcher dispatched a batch of combatants to the hatch. 密切注意的绑架者发送一批战士到舱口盖。

724. The wretched butcher clutched the needle and stitched it clumsily. 可怜的屠夫抓针并且笨拙缝它。

725. The peer's queer peering is a sheer sneer. 贵族的奇怪盯着看是完全讽笑。

726. The currency curriculum made the excursionist incur loss of time and money. 货币课程使短途旅游者招致时间和钱的损失。

727. The stray betrayer arrayed the sprayers on the road. 偶然的背信者在道路上排列喷雾器。

728. Dust accumulated on the insulated simulator in the desolate lab. 灰尘在孤独的实验室在被隔离的模拟器上堆积。

729. The inflated balloon indicates a latent inflation on the plateau. 膨胀的气球对高原指示潜在的通货膨胀。

730. Trivial tributes constitute the attribute of constituent's report. 琐屑的颂词形成选民的报告的属性。

731. I acutely and resolutely refuted the brutal persecution of mute commut er. 我尖锐而坚决反驳默默的通勤者的野蛮的迫害。

732. This measure may preclude the exclusive agency from selling crucial crude oil. 这个措施可以使专有的代理不能出售决定性的原油。

733. He depicted the conviction that contradicted the verdict. 他描绘反驳裁决的定罪。

734. Magnify the magnitude of the magnetism. 放大磁性的大小。

735. The deputy chairman of the charity clarified the importance of clarity and purity. 慈善的副会长验证明了和纯洁的重要性。

736. The tramp from the tram swamped the ham hamburger with shampoo. 来自有轨电车的流浪者用洗发水淹没火腿汉堡。

737. According to the pamphlet, the current in the amplifier can be amplified to 3 amperes. 根据小册子,在放大器里的电流可以被放大到 3 安培。

738. Prolong the sponge along the longitude and latitude at an altitude. 沿着经度和纬度在一高度延长海绵。

739. The conservative man made a reservation in the observatory. 保守的人在天文台的保留。

740. The mender recommends me to amend the legend agenda. 修理工建议劝告我修改传奇议程。

741. His comprehensive apprehension about the appendix of the pendulum i s obvious. 他的广泛的关于这个摆的附录的忧虑明显。 742. Elevate the eleventh level to relevant height. 提高第 11 步到相关的高度。

743. Thereafter, I adhered to the coherence inherent to the theory. 此后,我粘对理论固有的连贯性。

744. The prophet appropriately appropriated the fund for repairing propeller. 预言者恰当为修理螺旋桨拨专款。

745. I'm baffled why the affiliated man initiated the negotiator into ego. 被附属于的人为什么正式介绍谈判者进自我,我被困惑。

746. The radiation radius of the radioactive radium radiator in the stadium is variable. 放射性的镭暖气装置的辐射半径在体育场是易变的。

747. Snobbish Knob is doing his hobby in the lobby. 势利的球形门柄正在大堂里做他的嗜好。

748. The ass bypassed the guard and assassinated the surpassing ambassad or in the embassy. 驴为警卫设旁路并且在大使馆暗杀胜过的大使。

749. The corporate bodies collaborate elaborately on producing vibrating evaporator. 法人团体在生产振动蒸发器之后精心制作协作。

750. The dazzling light from the digital device dizzied me. 来自数字化的设备的耀眼的光使我头昏。 16 天背完 7000 个单词最后一天 751. The extinct exotic bird's feather contains zinc. 那种已绝迹的珍奇的鸟的羽毛中含锌. 752. The smuggler shrugged to the bugler hugging the bug in the tugboat. 走私者对在拖船中拥抱臭虫的号手耸耸肩. 753. The vocation advocate found the word "vocal" and "reciprocal" not in th e vocabulary. 职业倡导者发现“嗓音的”和“交互的”两词不在词汇表中. 754. Without my aid I'm afraid the maiden would have been raided. 没有我的帮助我怕少女已遭到袭击。

755. The slim Muslim reached his climax when he found the axis of the galax y. 苗条的穆斯林在发现银河的轴线时达到了(人生的)顶点. 756. Bonus is a stimulus for me to study the silicon in the bacon. 奖金是我研究薰肉中硅原子的动力. 757. The categories of the lubricated duplicators are intricate. 那些润滑过的复印机的种类错综复杂. 758. The wagging wasp grasps the crisp clasp for a gasp. 摇摆的黄蜂抓住脆钩喘息. 759. The reconciled reptiles rest on a fragile tile. 和解的爬行动物歇在易碎的瓷砖上. 760. The gossip tossed the mossy blossom fossil. 爱讲闲话者向上抛长满苔藓的花化石. 761. Test the immune function by immersed dispersion. 用浸入扩散(法)测试免疫功能. 762. The lateral élite is literally illiterate. 边上的杰出人物简直是文盲. 763. To abide the abiding bidding, the oxide bidder strides on the seaside. 为了忍耐无休止的吩咐,氧化物投标者在海滨阔步行走. 764. The tormentor enlarged the engagement garment. 折磨者加大了订婚服装. 765. The cripple dipped the whip tip into the chip solution nearby his hip. 跛子将鞭子末端浸入他臀部旁边的芯片溶液中。

766. The tickler pricked a tick on the nickname Nickel. 挠痒者在绰号“镍币”上刺了个勾号。

767. The administrator diminished the feminine miniature to minimal size. 管理员将女性缩样缩减到最小尺寸. 768. The man with mittens intermittently intervened the remittance. 戴连指手套的人间歇地介入汇款. 769. The scorched couch is put in the porch of epoch. 被烤焦睡椅放在时代门廊内. 770. The monstrous monarch monopolied monarchy. 可怕的君主垄断了君主国. 771. The missionary transmitted emission emitted lately. 传教士传播了新近散发出来的散发物. 772. I'm intent on tentative retention of potential patents. 我热衷于潜在专利权的暂时保留. 773. The expelled man repelled billions of rebellions. 遭到驱逐的男子击退了数十亿次叛乱. 774. The cellar-dweller yelled, "Fell the jellyfish burglar!" 住地下室的人喊道:"打倒海蜇窃贼!" 775. The diplomatic diplomas are made in automation in the autonomy. 外交证书在自治区是自动化生产的。

776. The enrolled jolly stroller polled on the trolley. 被招收的快乐的散步者在无轨电车上投票. 777. The contaminated vital vitamin made racial discrimination come to culmination. 被污染的重要维他命使种族歧视达到极点. 778. The jogger made an analytical analogy between the ecology and geolog y. 慢跑者在生态学和地质学之间进行了分析类比. 779. The alliance enhanced the reliability of the applicable alloy appliances. 盟友增强了适用的合金用具的可靠性. 780. The gigantic panther in pants passed the transition period of heart transplant. 穿裤子的巨大黑豹度过了心脏移植的过度期. 781. With a clatter, the flatterer shattered the chattering wattmeter in the chaos. 当啷一声,马屁精在混乱中打碎了格格作响的瓦特表. 782. “Homely food is wholesome,” the comedist said on the dome. “家常食品有益于健康,”喜剧作家在拱顶上说. 783. The subtle subscriber found the prescription manuscript. 敏锐的认购者找到处方原稿. 784. Time is finite and infinite. I defy the indefinite definition. 时间既是有限的又是无限的.我公然对抗这个模糊的定义.


I’m always avoiding you, so I missed you and fina


lly lost you, so I miss you so much now. ------ 我总是逃避你,于是我错过了你,终于我失去了你,以至于此刻的我如此地 想念你。

I want to be a slut in my mind, a good girl in my life, a tender maiden in my appearance and a transformer in my heart. ------ 我要做个思想上的女流氓,生活上的 好姑娘,外型上的柔情少女,心理上的变形金刚! Those who we love have the most power to hurt us. ------ 我们所爱的人,却最具有伤 害我们的力量 Of all the people in the world, I only fell in love with you. ------ 世界上这么多人,偏偏 就只爱上了你。

Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is unchangeable. ------ 记住该记住的, 忘记该忘 记的。改变能改变的,接受不能改变的。

Every time I see you, I want to grab you and kiss you. ------ 每次一看到你,就想立刻 把你抱过来亲吻。

Please remember

When the pain of holding on is greater than the pain of letting go, it's time to let go. ------ 请记住:当坚持之苦大过放弃之痛,就是该放手的时候了。

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ------ 行动不一定带来幸福,不行动就肯定没幸福。

It sucks when you know that you need to let go but you can’t because you’re still waiting for the impossible to happen. ------ 你明明知道你需要放手却放不下, 因为你还 是在等待不可能的发生,这种感觉真的很难受。

I want to be what you are, see what you see, love what you love.--Mina,Dracula -----我想变成你,见你所见,爱你所爱。

Forget all the reason why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will. ------ 忘 掉所有那些“不可能”的借口,去坚持那一个“可能”。

There's always a bit of something hidden when you say 'nothing'. ------ 每次当你说“没 事”的时候,心里多少都藏着点事。

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett ------ 一次次尝试,一次次失败。不过是,再试一次,即使失败,但也是更好地失败。

Sometimes, the more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them. ------ 有时候,你越隐藏你对一个人的感觉,你陷得越深。

Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.--John Keats ------ 心 有灵犀一点通。

Life is a journey...not a destination.Enjoy the trip! ------ 人生是一次旅行,而不是目的 地。享受这段旅程。

【微笑吧, 就像不曾受过伤害一样 】 Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. ------ 纵然伤心难过,也不要愁 眉不展,因为你不知谁会爱上你的笑容。

The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. ------ 如果你明确自 己的方向,世界也会为你让路。 Every time I think about you , I have to remind myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would. ------ 每一次想你,我都得提醒我自己,如果你想和我聊天的话,你早就开 口了。

When I thought I couldn't go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck. ------ 当我以为我无法继续走下去时, 我强迫自己要继续前进。


I enjoy every second of my life because you’re in it. ------ 我珍惜生命中的每一秒,因 为你在里面。

You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves,they wanna tell you you can't do it.If you want something, go get it. ------ 如果你有梦想,守 护它。

当人们做不到一些事情的时候,他们就会说你也同样不能。既然有了目标,你 就要努力实现。——《当幸福来敲门》 “Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.”- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette ------ 做个快乐的 人。那是英明智慧的一条路径。

【珍惜身边遇到的每一个人】The world is small and the city is big.People who lack for luck would not see one another again for the rest of life. ------ 世界很小,城市很大, 欠缺缘分的人也许终生也不会再见了。

You know you love someone when you save their texts and re-read them when no one is watching. ------ 当你保留了某人的短信,在没有人的时候悄悄回味,你就知道你 已经爱上他了。

Do you believe in destiny? I think so. I think it’s destiny that I’m here right now. -----你相信命运么?我相信。我相信现在我在这里,正是命运的安排。

When you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life.How you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely even look at them.曾经他是你生命中一个重要的部分,而现在,你经过他也不打招呼。曾经你们能 畅谈许久,而现在,你甚至都不再看他一眼。

Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted. ------不必 悔恨任何事情,因为在那一刻,它正是你想要的。

To change for others is to lie to yourself------为别人而改变,就是欺骗自己。

It's amazing that a stranger suddenly become your world. ------ 本来的陌生人居然可 以突然之间成为你的整个世界。

Never underestimate your power to change yourself!------ 永远不要低估你改变自我 的能力! Give up the abandoned the helpless, is incapable of giving up should not give up; do not give up the abandoned ignorance, do not give up should not give up the attachment. ------ 放弃该放弃的是无奈, 放弃不该放弃的是无能; 不放弃该放弃的是无 知,不放弃不该放弃的是执着。

The rarest of loves

A man who only knows tears sheds his blood for you, or a man who only knows blood sheds his tears for you. ------ 世上最难得的爱:一个是一向只 知流泪的男人为你流了血。一个是只懂流血的男人,竟然,为你流了泪。 Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get,but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted. ------ 很多时候,你得不到你想要的,但最终,你 拥有的一定比当初渴望的要好得多。

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. ----- 世界 上对勇气的最大考验是忍受失败而不丧失信心。

The world is like a mirror

Frown at itand it frowns at you; smile, and it smiles too. -----世界犹如一面镜子:朝它皱眉它就朝你皱眉,朝它微笑它也朝你微笑。

It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt ------ 宁愿保持沉默让人看起来像个傻子, 也不要一开口就证明自己确实如此。

There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,things we don't want to know but have to learn,and people we can't live without but have to let go. 总 有一些事,我们不愿它发生,却必须接受;总有些东西,我们不想知道, 却必须了解;总有 些人, 我们不能没有, 却必须学着放手。

Never stop smiling, not even when you are sad, someone might fall in love with your smile. ------ 永远都不要停止微笑,即使是在你难过的时候,说不定有人会因为你的笑 容而爱上你。